Posted on November. 14. 2020

Armenia/Artsakh Republic Defeat Turkey,
Azerbaijan and Isis In A Military-Political Chess Game

Issue #1755, November 13- 19

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FRI. NOV. 13, 2020  11:59 PM (PDT)

Military-Political Chess: PART 1

On Sept. 27, Turkey, Azerbaijan and ISIS mounted a surprise military aggression against Armenia and Artsakh Republic. Ankara and Baku boasted that in less than 48 hours they’ll wipe out hundreds of thousands of Armenians and capture Artsakh Republic (Nagorno Karabakh). Lunatic neo-Ottoman Turkish pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan had boasted several months earlier that Turkey will complete his grandparents’ genocidal ‘mission’ against Armenians.

To Turkey’s and Azerbaijan’s astonishment, Artsakh Defense Army resorted to a war of attrition. Although Armenians suffered immense civilian and other losses and were subjected to innumerable war crimes at the hands of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the joint Azerbaijani-Turkish blitzkrieg failed. The war lasted 45 days and Armenians held Turks and Azerbaijanis and Islamic State terrorist mercenaries at a stalemate.

On November 9, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia signed the Moscow Agreement calling for truce on the 45th day of Turkey’s Azerbaijan’s ISIS’s aggression against Armenia and Artsakh Republic.

1) THE DAY AFTER #1: On Nov. 10, the following day of Nov. 9 Moscow Agreement, with much symbolism about Armenians’ strong commitment to keep Artsakh Armenian, Artsakh Republic President Arayik Haroutunian invited to the capital Stepanakert, various parliamentary factions for consultations. He didn’t go to Yerevan. He received them at home in Artsakh sending a strong signal that Armenian Artsakh is here to continue to stay for ages to come. He made sure that the self-defeatist rhetoric by the group of 17 opposition political parties is debunked.

2) THE DAY AFTER #2: On Nov. 10, Azerbaijani Pres. Aliyev placed a call to Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin to demand ‘access to Shushi.” Putin hasn’t even bothered to answer. Putin’s assistant informed Aliyev to contact their parochial leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara instead, making clear that Baku has lost the chess game against Armenia. It also became amply clear to Aliyev that as the Moscow Agreement stipulates, the warring sides will remain in their respective positions as of ceasefire Nov. 10 at 12:00. Baku wasn’t even anywhere close to Shushi. The Turkey-Azerbaijan-ISIS aggression troops were in the outskirts of Shushi in the deep lowland wilderness at the foot of the cliffs without any access to the city itself. Tough luck!

3) THE DAY AFTER #3: Turkey ‘demanded’ from Moscow that its peacekeeping forces be stationed in Stepanakert next to Russian Federation peacekeeping forces.  Pres. Putin responded tersely that the Moscow Agreement had no such clause. Officialdom Moscow’s made sure that Turkey’s Erdogan stands isolated holding an empty bag.

Now we know how inadequate Turkey has really become in the highly sophisticated international political chess game.
Have Turkey’s Western political chess masters and their legalism miserably failed in the face of Armenian-Russian political chess master team? Or simply the United States and France tacitly allowed Erdogan’s embarrassing military/political defeat at the hands of Armenia and Artsakh Republic?
Could it be that Turkey and its Western NATO chess masters have simply parted ways and that Western NATO sponsors have simply abandoned Turkey to Armenian lions and Russian bears?

Has Turkey’s usefulness to NATO come to an end? Is it because Turkey has once more proven to be no more than a bankrupt political slot prostituting between the East and the West?

Turkey’s lunatic president Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s sloppy political wandering between Russia and NATO has caused an irreparable damage to Turkey’s image on the world scene.

On the one hand Turkey antagonized its Western/NATO sponsors and on the other, it made a mockery of Ankara on regional level in Asia Minor, Middle East and Eurasia.

Turkey not only lost in Syria, Libya and Eastern Mediterranean but also lost Eurasia. Erdogan’s much-touted Turkish Mountain Special op-forces were literally butchered by Armenian defense forces in the ‘Valley of Hell’ in the outskirts of Shushi (stop using the Turkified pronunciation ‘Shusha’ for God’s sake).

Many political observers are right on target when they insist that “Turkey can now kiss its Pan-Turkic dreams goodbye at least for the foreseeable future.”

Former Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is right in his assessment of President Erdogan’s disastrous political under-performance on the world scene. During the last 168 hours the Turkish lira tumbled to new lows, so much so that the current economic dire situation reminds me of Turkey’s economic situation in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s when Turkish leading politicians lamented that “our national debts are so high that nowadays we even owe the birds flying in our skies” (Turkish – “ulusal borçlarýmýz o kadar yüksek ki, bugünlerde göklerimizde uçan kuþlara bile borçluyuz”).
Just like I had predicted in 2012, in the early stages of Turkey’s military involvement in the Syrian Crisis, Syria became Turkey’s Vietnam.

Now Armenia-Artsakh Republic became Turkey’s newest Vietnam.


  1. Esteemed Apo. I read your article as I always do what you write. As I reed I come to the understanding that Armenia has won, but as we see the latest events we have given all this land to the Azerbajanis and Turks, Can you tell me this. As of today, where do we stand?

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