Posted on October. 13. 2021

This is very empowering. God bless the kebabjian family and friends for continuing the Legacy and mission of Armenian Black Belts Academy (ABBA) and its founder Grand Master Garo Kebabjian

Facebook: Arthur is in Artsakh
On October 10, Armenian Black Belts Academy (ABBA) founder Grand Master Garo Kebabjian’s son Arthur wrote on his Facebook page: “On the 9th of October 2021, A.B.B.A. students performed at the Stepanakert Stadium followed by the opening of the newly Renovated kung-fu Academy named after my Father. Afterwards a Kung-fu Tournament was held in Memory of my Father. He is Physically Gone but His Legacy & Mission Continues !! #artsakh #thankyou #artsakhlives.”

USA Armenian Life: ABBA deserves our support.

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