Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler Malkhas Amoyan crowned World Champion

Posted on October. 14. 2021

Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler Malkhas Amoyan (72 kg) won a gold medal at the World Wrestling Championship in Oslo.

The Armenian weightlifter defeated Sergey Kutuzov of Russia 3: 1 in the final bout and was declared the world champion for the first time.

This is the first medal of the Armenian Greco-Roman wrestling team in Oslo.

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  1. Shavarsh A. Chrissian, MD, MS says:

    Like all news of similar nature, this should be the front page top (and color, whenever possible) news item for our papers. This is real, this is achieved undeniable reality, reflecting and implying serious, disciplined and science-assisted work ethics routine standing behind it, in contrast to all the dubious, often wishful thinking-powered news items and all kinds of writings on the pages of our papers that cannot attract serious, scientific and accomplishment-minded people, actually the younger generation in particular.

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