AANSI Donates $25,000 to Military Hospital in Stepanakert; Kickstarts Worldwide Artsakh Fund Telethon

Posted on December. 3. 2021

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On Sunday November 28, AANSI – American Armenian National Security Institute Chairman U.S. Army Major General (Ret.) Mark MacCarley presented the founding Chairman of Artsakh Fund Mr. Rudik Hyusnunts. The AANSI donation was made for the purpose of providing humanitarian assistance to the Artsakh Military Hospital in the capital city Stepanakert.
The donation was made possible by hundreds of supporters of both AANSI and Artsakh Republic.
Earlier in November, hundreds of Americans from all walks of life, diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds gathered in Los Angeles to express their unequivocal support of Armenia and Artsakh Republics’ Sovereignty, Independence and Defense. Thousands more followed the event live on Facebook, YouTube and other online platforms.
The presentation of the twenty-five-thousand-dollar check to Artsakh Fund took place at the Pacific Palisades residence of Garo Mardirossian, a prominent Armenian-American lawyer practicing in Los Angeles and former President of Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles (CAALA).

Mr. Mardirossian is one of the supporters who donated to AANSI. Also present were a few other AANSI supporters who could not attend the November 11 AANSI banquet including Mrs. Mary Najarian as well as Dr. and Mrs. Simon J. and Arpi Simonian, personal physician to former U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.
Mr. MacCarley also presented the AANSI Gampr Award to Dr. Vartkes and Mary Najarian for their decades-long dedication to humanitarian projects in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh Republic providing invaluable assistance to wounded Armenian soldiers.
On Nov. 11, Devoted citizens from the United States of America, Artsakh Republic and Republic of Armenia came together to forge a stronger economic, political and military alliance.
AANSI – American Armenian National Security Institute inaugural dinner gala aimed to benefit 1) the Military Hospital in Stepanakert, Artsakh Republic; 2) the AANSI Educational Efforts in Support of Armenia and Artsakh Sovereignty; and 3) the American Armenian Humanitarian Brigades for Armenia and Artsakh.
Some of the AANSI supporters trekked from as far away as New York, Washington DC, Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, AZ and other parts of Western United States to attend the event.
Devoted citizens from the United States of America, Artsakh Republic and Republic of Armenia came together to forge a stronger economic, political and military alliance.
An overwhelming majority of the attendees had nothing but praise and qualified the AANSI inaugural banquet as “a smashing success!”
One of the keynote speakers, Artsakh Republic Chief Presidential Advisor and Ambassador with Special Assignments Rudik Hyusnunts, who had traveled all the way from Stepanakert, created much enthusiasm among the supporters to continue nationwide and worldwide efforts to support Armenia and Artsakh Republics’ Sovereignty, Independence and Defense.
Ambassador Hyusnunts pointed out that Artsakh is in danger of becoming another Nakhichevan when the latter was systematically depopulated from its indigenous Christian Armenians during the 1920-1960’s by Baku-centered Turkic Azerbaijani despots.
AANSI journalistic team of experts along with a film production team led by Washington-DC-based Peter Musurlian of Globalist Films, presented The AANSI Documentary World Premiere to a popular acclaim.
AANSI supporters were also presented by General MacCarley with a visionary idea and an initial plan to form “a 500-member strong Humanitarian Brigade that can be deployed from anywhere in the world and especially America, to Armenia and/or Artsakh in times of national emergencies within 96 hours of notice.”
AANSI supporters were also briefed on the planned launching of nationwide efforts to educate ALL Americans – including Congressional, military and foreign policy leadership in Washington DC and other parts of US on the importance of further fostering stronger economic, political and military alliance between the United States of America and the Republic of Armenia.
In August, an AANSI team of experts and journalists completed its first Educational Mission to Armenia and Artsakh. The purpose of this trip was to report on conditions in Armenia and Artsakh, with a special emphasis placed on military preparedness, and implications for US interests, as Armenia and Artsakh again face existential threats from their neighboring countries, Turkey and Azerbaijan. (See article “First AANSI Educational Mission to Armenia and Artsakh” at http://aansi.org/news/sample/ )
AANSI is a non-partisan institution that brings together, under a unified tent, members of the American Armenian community from all political backgrounds and affiliations for the ultimate purpose of pursuing AANSI’s mission: The American Armenian Institute for National Security of America (AANSI) is dedicated to educating Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American and Armenian defense and strategic interests, the cornerstone of which is a robust U.S.-Armenia security cooperation. AANSI believes that a strong American and Armenian military and national security posture is the best guarantor of peace and the survival of our values and civilization.
Together, through education and knowledge, many AANSI supporters look forward to fostering a formidable partnership between the American Armenian community and the U.S. Defense and Foreign Policy establishments for the greater good of both America and Armenia.
As a result of the 44-Day anti-Armenian Turkey-Azerbaijan-ISIS terrorist aggression in Artsakh in Fall 2020, Artsakh experienced an unprecedented humanitarian disaster. And now Artsakh stands heavily injured. Yet Artsakh Armenians are showing a high level of perseverance. World Armenians shall not let Azerbaijan force the indigenous Armenians out of their ancestral lands in Artsakh Republic. They must stand by Artsakh. They shall not let Artsakh end up with a fate similar to the Armenian Nakhichevan Autonomous Region through systematic depopulation.
By making this timely donation, AANSI has kickstarted the 2021 Artsakh Fund fundraising marathon that will start December 10, 2021 and culminate with December 25 Christmas Day telethon in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora. December 10 is Human Rights Day celebrated annually across the world to honor the United Nations General Assembly’s 1948 adoption and proclamation in support and for the protection of human rights.
As part of the global village, Artsakh Armenians also have the basic human rights to exist on ancestral lands and live within their culture freely.
Although it has received a lethal blow, Artsakh shall rise! Artsakh must rise! Artsakh will rise!
I stand by Artsakh. Will you?

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