Nations League: Mkhitarayn confident Armenia can fight all opponents

Posted on December. 13. 2021

Armenia captain Henrikh Mkhitaryan is confident the team is able to fight against all opponents in the Nations League.

Armenia will face Ireland, Scotland and Ukraine in group 1 of League B in the next edition of the UEFA Nations League

“I think it’s not the easiest group, but it could be even worse. We know Republic of Ireland very well and have “very good” memories about them,” Henrikh said ironically.

Armenia was left out of Euro 2012 play-off after referee Iturralde Gonsalez incorrectly red-carded Armenian keeper Roman Berezovsky. Replays showed Berezovsky blocking the shot with his chest but the referee had made his decision and uncapped Arsen Petrosyan had to be introduced with holding midfielder Edgar Malakyan sacrificed.

“We’ll play against Scotland for the first time. As for Ukraine, Armenia has played against them on many occasions. And though the last meeting was in early 2000s, we know them very well. I think we are capable of fighting against these teams. If we manage to stay in B league, it will be a success,” Mkhitaryan said.

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