The Ghosts Of Covid: Past, present, and future

Posted on January. 5. 2022


  • Dr. Tung Nguyen, university of California,  san Francisco
  • Dr. Ben Neuman, Texas A&M University
  • Dr. Dali Fan, University of California, Davis
  • Peter May Barduk, public citizen’s

Access to Medicines Group

These experts provided perspectives on where we are now, vs this time last year.

  • Even as vaccines became available, the world faced the more lethal and transmissible Delta and Omicron variants. The people who died in these two years are more than the ones who died in world war one and world war two.

Not all the patients are getting the care they need in a timely manner: per eexample: the patients who they can get sick from heart attack, a stroke,  or an accident  The hospitals are overwhelmed with covid patients.

Parents are suffering. The risk of death is 13 %time higher for the unvaccinated people.

Please don’t underestimate Omicron!

Variants grow quickly, it stick to the cells. Vaccination is our way out.

Some variants find themselves in a position where they can get together and make changes. And some not.

  • Kids must take booster by 17 years old.
  • Don’t believe that  inaccurate information about covid.
  • Sometimes its counter productive to convince them cause people believe what they want to believe.
  • We should mandate vaccination

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