Michael and Douglas Kazanjian Hold Reception in Support of AANSI – The American Armenian National Security Institute and its mission.

Posted on April. 29. 2022

On Thursday April 14, Michael and Douglas Kazanjian of Kazanjian Beverly Hills held a reception/fundraiser in support of AANSI – The American Armenian National Security Institute and its mission FOR SUPPORT OF ARMENIA & ARTSAKH REPUBLICS’ SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE AND DEFENSE.
Several prominent community members joined Michael and Douglas in welcoming AANSI Founding Chairman U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Mark MacCarley (Ret.), Republic of Armenia Military Attaché in USA Col. Arman Mkrtchyan, Hon. Varazdat Pahlavuni, Counselor, Republic of Armenia General Consulate in Los Angeles, Hon. Edgar Grigorian, Counselor, Republic of Armenia General Consulate in Los Angeles, and Former Chief of Armenia Military Police Armen Sahakyan.
The reception was held at the prestigious Kazanjian Beverly Hills gallery.
Appo Jabarian, the vice-president of AANSI, Administration gave the opening remarks presenting his heartfelt thanks to the hosts Mr. Michael Kazanjian and his son Mr. Douglas Kazanjian.
Mr. Douglas Kazanjian presented his words of welcome and expressed his and his father Michael’s support of AANSI and its mission.
He eloquently gave an interesting background story behind Kazanjian Beverly Hills – the pride of the community.
He noted: “This company is 109 years old now. My grandfather and his brother fled Turkey in 1912 and they got to Paris where his brother had an eye infection. They didn’t let him on the road to America, so he stayed behind and he learned how to cut Sapphire Ruby in Paris. And it’s kind of amazing that with a little twist of fate that he finally came over to Massachusetts and started the company with my grandfather in 1918 and they moved to Los Angeles in 1928 and in 1969, my father Michael moved the company to Beverly Hills.”
He added: “It has an incredible history. It was stolen by the Nazis and found in the salt mine and discretely was returned to its original owners. And what’s kind of nice about it is it was always known as the Red Diamond, but now it’s the Kazanjian Red Diamond. So, you have to think the greatest diamond, Red Diamond and the rarest diamond in the world has an Armenian name. But I don’t know So that’s kind of nice. But yeah, we moved here in 2019 and, and we’ve had some nice events here.
He underlined: “It’s great what this organization (AANSI – The American Armenian National Security Institute) is doing. And I thank you all for being here to support it tonight.”
AANSI Chairman Mark MacCarley, Esq., expressed his deepest appreciation to the hosts, Douglas and Michael Kazanjian.
He stated: “And of course, to you, especially those who have joined us. But most importantly, you’re here today because of what we do and what we have done and what we must do for Armenia and Artsakh.”
Gen. MacCarley introduced performing artist Mariette Soudjian as “our distinguished vocalist to perform the American national anthem, as well as the Armenian and the Artsakh national anthems.” Performing artist Mariette did a superb job!
Mr. MacCarley made a PowerPoint presentation on the current geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus — in Southern Europe bringing to “the forefront the challenges that we now see in an incredibly important area of the world. So, I would say it’s almost apocalyptic, meaning that something is or something could go seriously wrong.”
His PowerPoint presentation illustrated a map of South Europe and South Caucasus showing Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.
He continued: “We’re going down to, of course, Armenia and the challenges that we saw in September of 2020, when Azerbaijan, without any provocation and no justification, invaded Artsakh and seized four fifths of that country. And the tragedy is not only the loss of the men and women who valiantly defended Artsakh Republic to include members of the Armenian armed forces, but also the loss of land, but it was reflective of the fact that no Western democracy came and offered assistance other than a few words from our White House; a few words from Macron of France, but absolutely no material assistance and no effort to persuade the security organizations — the United Nations, from resisting coming forth and imposing penalties on the aggressor (Azerbaijan).”
Mr. MacCarley elaborated on the education efforts made by AANSI around the nation and in Washington DC.
AANSI activities included the First journalistic education mission to Armenia and Artsakh when a team of AANSI experts and journalists became the first western journalistic team that was able to arrive in Stepanakert, capital Artsakh since January 2021 when not even CNN, ABC, NBC, FOX news team could gain access to the Artsakh Republic in the aftermath of the Fall 2020 44-day unprovoked terrorist attack against Armenians in Artsakh by Azerbaijan-Turkey-ISIS terrorists from Syria and Pakistan.
Mr. MacCarley announced and shared a copy of the confirmation letter from Artsakh Fund that AANSI gift was received.
Republic of Armenia’s Military Attaché in USA Col. Arman Mkrtchyan stated: “We are ready and we will continue to support you in any way we can in your mission. During my flight, I was reviewing your mission and the objectives and aims. This is very ambitious and this is great. And hopefully all of us together, we can accomplish it.”
Hon. Varazdat Pahlavuni, Counselor, Republic of Armenia Consulate General in Los Angeles stated: “On behalf of the Consulate General, I would like to thank Mr. Appo Jabarian and Major General Mark McCarley for organizing this timely event to support the American Armenian National Security Institute, its missions and its affinities for the support of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh.”
Mr. MacCarley announced the formation of the AANSI Humanitarian Brigade elaborating “this would not just be individual volunteering as we had so many fine young men and women volunteering during the height of the 44-day war. This is an organized entity, a unit; there is training involved. The training would consist of education in medical subjects, first aid, emergency responders, and as well emphasis on other skills … The expectation is we’re looking at about 500. they will be sanctioned by Armenia and Artsakh; clearly identified. They will be equipped and they will commit to deploy within 96 hours of notification. That is our objective. And I think we can accomplish it if we get the support of Armenians and non-Armenians…. It’s really an expression of the power of the diaspora.”
In an August 2021 journalistic mission, retired U.S Army Major General Mark McCarley traveled to Armenia and the Artsakh Republic leading a team that included retired U.S Army Colonel Robert Cassidy American Armenian Investigative Reporter Appo Jabarian and cinematographer Aaron McCarley. Their August visit was the first by Western journalists to the Artsakh in 2021.
Upon return to the United States, the AANSI team of experts produced a documentary titled “ARTSAKH REPUBLIC’S QUEST FOR SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE.”
The documentary brings to world audiences the plight of Artsakh Armenians in light of the 44-Day Anti-Armenian Terrorist Aggression in Artsakh Republic. In Fall 2020, the Turkey-Azerbaijan-ISIS terrorist campaign was intended to perpetrate the “2nd and Final Genocide Against Armenians” of Artsakh Republic. Turkey’s Pres. Erdogan and Azerbaijan’s autocratic Pres. Ilham Aliyev executed the massive anti-Armenian terrorist aggression under the cover of the global COVID Pandemic and U.S. pre-occupation with 2020 American Presidential Election.
The 15-minute AANSI documentary was screened.
Appo Jabarian, Vice-President, AANSI Administration noted: “The American Armenian National Security Institute — AANSI is a visionary organization that fosters stronger military, economic and political alliance through education. Of course, this visionary organization could not have been established had there not been a visionary founder like General MacCarley; and visionary supporters like you.”
“I would like to also thank the award-winning Producer and Director Peter Musurlian of Washington DC for putting this great documentary together,” he added.
“So together we continue our journey to help the underdog — the people of Artsakh; to help them tell their story; help them amplify their plight to the international community sending a strong message to the world that Artsakh Republic must rise again; shall rise again and will rise again because they have a basic human right – the right of being in existence as a sovereign and independent nation.”

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