Iain Robertson: Armenian contemporary art needs popularization

Posted on June. 23. 2022

The Armenia Art Fair of contemporary art was held in Yerevan in late May. Artists from Armenia, the Caucasusian and other regions presented their works, the collectors and art lovers had the chance to buy works of art.
During the event “A Pathway through Modern and Contemporary Armenian Art” – first English book about contemporary art in Armenia – was presented. The author is Iain Robertson, an emerging art market specialist and Honorary Fellow at Sotheby’s Art Institute. Nazaret Karoyan, the founder and first president of the Armenian Institute for Contemporary Art, participated in the creation of the book.
The illustrated guide was published by the Armenia Art Fair with the support of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. It presents an extensive introduction about the development of Armenian contemporary art, emphasizes its contribution to the latest developments in international modernism and world contemporary art.

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