Posted on July. 15. 2022


Armenian Nation consists of Homeland and Diaspora Armenians.
The 44-Day Anti-Armenian Terrorist Attacks by Azerbaijan-Turkey-ISIS in Fall 2020 in Artsakh has awakened not only a giant but also a determined Gampr. (Gampr is the Armenian national shepherd dog that can successfully overcome a pack of wolves).
The 2020 44-Day Anti-Armenian Terrorist Attacks and its tragic aftermath has made Armenian Nation more determined to assist Armenia and Artsakh consolidate their Sovereignty, Independence and Defense.
An increasing number of Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora insist that their birthright to eliminate any and all existential threats is not negotiable. This is one of the many positive outcomes from the hellish aftermath of the 2020 44-Day Anti-Armenian Terrorist Attacks.
All Azerbaijani and Turkish calculations that the Armenian Nation will vanish from the international arena has all but backfired against genocidal Ankara and Baku.
Now the global Armenian community has initiated a worldwide effort to accomplish a number of stated goals:As part of a worldwide effort to shore up Armenia/Artsakh’s sovereignty, independence and defense, in 2021 the American Armenian community has embarked on an unprecedented partnership with the American Defence and Foreign policy establishment in Washington DC. It is expected that other influential Armenian communities around the world will step forward, expend similar efforts in order to emulate the American Armenian community;

Assist the three co-chairs of OSCE Mink Group – United States, France and Russia to multiply their efforts to being about lasting solution based on the non-negotiable principle of Artsakh Armenians to decide their status.
As part of their collective efforts, numerous American Armenians have joined American friends of Armenia to lay the foundation to a groundbreaking American and Armenian partnership the cornerstone of which is AANSI – The American Armenian National Security Institute.
In August 2021, in the aftermath of the Fall 2020 anti-Artsakh terrorist attacks, USA Armenian Life Magazine journalistic team successfully carried out its first journalistic/education mission to Armenia and Artsakh in cooperation with AANSI — The American Armenian National Security Institute and its visionary Founding Chairman and fellow journalist U.S. Army Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Mark MacCarley.
Mr. MacCarley is the very proactive Founding Chairman of AANSI, and an active Attorney at Law practicing in New York, Washington DC and California. AANSI is a U.S. 501c (3) non-profit charitable and educational organization dedicated to enlightening American Congressional, military and civilian national security decision-makers on American defense and strategic interests in the South Caucasus, the cornerstone of which is an anticipated robust American Armenian security cooperation agreement. It is very encouraging that increasingly, numerous non-Armenian Americans and American Armenians are expressing their appreciation and support of AANSI’s mission and leadership.
Upon their return from the USA Armenian Life / AANSI’s first journalistic educational mission to the twin Republics of Armenia and Artsakh in August 2021, AANSI produced a short documentary on the plight of Artsakh people: “THE ARTSAKH REPUBLIC’S QUEST FOR SOVEREIGNTY, INDEPENDENCE.” It is available for your viewing at . It can help the reader/viewer understand the reason for AANSI’s existence. The AANSI documentary was premiered at the AANSI inaugural banquet in Los Angeles. The banquet was for Support of Sovereignty, Independence and Defence of Armenia and Artsakh Republics.
In these turbulent times for Armenia/Artsakh, and much of the world, it is imperative that the Armenian nation — Homeland and Diaspora together, rise in unison and step forward in an unprecedented way. Diaspora must reinvent itself. Action speaks louder than the feeble analyses of the resulting horrific consequences of the 44-Day War to the Armenian people by the “International ‘Community, i.e, news services, Western governments and NGO’s” who failed to forcefully condemn Azerbaijan for its genocidal invasion of Artsakh and its continued threats to ethnically cleanse the balance of Artsakh not yet under its “boot.”
Now more than ever, The Armenian Diaspora must do everything in order to empower Armenia/Artsakh consolidate their Sovereignty, Independence and Defence,
In that vein, we, as members of the American Armenian Diaspora; the French Armenian Diaspora; the UK Armenian Diaspora; the Russian Armenian Diaspora and other diaspora centers have miserably failed in realizing that we must open new horizons for the swift protection of our ancestral Homeland.
AANSI’s visionary supporters and founder Mr. MacCarley and his peers in the defence and foreign policy establishment in Washington DC are doing their part to help fill a major void in American Armenian relations. AANSI is brought to life in order to empower the American Armenian Diaspora to enter into a lasting partnership with American defense and foreign policy establishments in order to assist in fostering stronger military, economic and political alliance between two longtime allies — the United States of America and the Republic of Armenia.
Since its inception in March 2021, AANSI has already made a difference in its own ways to bring to fruition many areas of strategic cooperation between the United States and Armenia.
In response to this writer’s November 11, 2021 article, titled “Armenia needs to diversify its foreign alliances in order to become an advanced sovereign state,” Laz, a reader of USA Armenian Life, wrote: “A visionary article looking into a futuristic Armenia where all Armenians can take part in decision making for their homeland. Theoretically an idealistic situation where all parties involved would have one common interest, i.e. what is best for Armenia. Why doesn’t that happen now? Because all parties involved are fighting their corner and for their own benefit and seats in the Armenian parliament. Why do we need to throw away tried and tested practices for a futuristic idea where there is no guarantee of success? We have common economic and security interests with Iran which need to be rekindled and new ones developed with India. We also need to convince Mr. Putin that a strong, and secure Armenia with independent Artsakh will not only provide a reliable ally but also extend Russian influence in the Caucasus. The Diaspora needs to play an effective role in convincing Putin.”
The Armenian national quest continues on in order to empower the world Armenians to exercise their birthright to diversify Armenia’s foreign alliances and escalate repatriation to exponentially increase Armenia and Artsakh’s population to 5 million in the next few years and bring it to par with Azerbaijan a few more years thereafter.

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