Posted on September. 2. 2022


In the aftermath of the 44-Day terrorist aggression against Armenians of Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh by Azerbaijan-Turkey-ISIS (Islamic State) terrorist mercenaries in Fall 2020, Armenia and Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh are continuing to experience existential threats at the hands of Azerbaijan/Turkey.
The genocidal twins, Pres. Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan and Pres. Recep Tayyip Erdogan are attempting to exploit the international community’s preoccupation with the Russia-Ukraine Crisis and Taiwan-China Issue to perpetrate their heinous crime against humanity by forced depopulation of Artsakh and ultimately Armenia.
There is no doubt in the minds of many concerned Armenians in the Homeland and Diaspora that the Armenian statehood, Sovereignty and Independence of the twin Armenian republics are facing major national security threats.
1) Azerbaijan and Turkey reportedly are doing everything in their capacity to sabotage the Armenian Army and the MOD’s- Ministries of Defense of Armenia and especially Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh and finish off the Armenian statehood. That’s a national emergency for world Armenians;
2) Without any reasonable justifications, reportedly Russia has placed checkpoints on the busiest highways in the southern Armenian border town of Meghri and other parts of Syunik, Armenia to ‘control’ the transit of goods and passengers from India, Iran, Afghanistan, Gulf Arab states and much of the Middle East to and via Armenia. Are Russia’s actions aimed at really assisting in regional security or undermining Armenia’s ability to serve as a major north-south corridor for commerce? Is Russia intent on undermining Armenia’s economy and blocking off the Iran-Armenia border that has been operational for thousands of years? Either way Armenia’s highways fall under Republic of Armenia’s jurisdiction and not any foreign ally. If Russia continues harassing and sabotaging the influx of passengers and goods through Armenia’s southern border then that should be considered a national emergency for world Armenians;
3) During the 44-Day Anti-Armenian Aggression, both Azerbaijan and Turkey attempted to forcibly occupy sovereign Armenian territories in Meghri region of southern Armenia’s Syunik governorate to create a Pan-Turkish extraterritorial superhighway connecting via ‘Meghri land corridor’ Turkey and Azerbaijan with central Asian Turkic republics effectively blocking off the Iran-Armenia border that has been operational for thousands of years. Fortunately, that’s a red line for Iran as it has been publicly stated by Iran’s Supreme Leader Mr. Ali Hosseini Khamenei. However, the current situation is unacceptable and that’s a national emergency for world Armenians. It must be condemned by the international community;
4) As of August 25, with Russia’s possible tacit approval, Azerbaijan has illegally occupied the Lachin corridor along with the three Armenian villages/towns of Berdzor(Lachin), Aghavno and Soush effectively cutting off land communication between Armenia proper and the physically isolated and besieged Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh. Although an alternate road has been operational since Aug. 30, no one knows for sure its future status. Will it be under Azerbaijan’s whimsical control? The Lachin corridor is a humanitarian corridor agreed-upon by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Russia as per the Nov. 9, 2020 tripartite agreement that facilitated cessation of the terrorist aggression by Azerbaijan-Turkey-ISIS. But Baku and Ankara are intent on illegally placing the Artsakh civilian population under siege to ultimately depopulate Artsakh/Nagorno Karabakh. That’s a national emergency for world Armenians.
In response to the clear and present danger of a major humanitarian crisis in South Caucasus, a group of concerned American Armenians has started forming a non-partisan, non-sectarian body — The PAN-ARMENIAN NATIONAL EMERGENCY COMMITTEE (PANEC) to help save Armenia/Artsakh from the claws of another genocide. In the long run, PANEC will also focus on the Diasporan centers that are experiencing turmoil such as the Armenian communities of Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.
Those who would like to participate in the organizing committee՚s upcoming meetings may contact 310.773.7870 or send a message via Facebook page of “ PAN-ARMENIAN NATIONAL EMERGENCY COMMITTEE.”
As a first step and while this first-of-its-kind structure continues the process of formation, an initial group of individuals who have already joined the PAN-ARMENIAN NATIONAL EMERGENCY COMMITTEE — Dr. Vagharshak Pilossyan, MD, Dr. Sarkis Mesrobian, Mr. Vosgan Mekhitarian, Mr. Mardiros Bouldoukian, Rev. Petros Bagramyan, Mr. Appo Jabarian, Mr. Vic Gerami, Mr. Azat Mardikian, and Mr. Oganes Kasabyan has organized the September 18 PROTEST RALLY in front of the Azerbaijan consulate of Los Angeles.
Another PANEC event, the August 23 HUNGER STRIKE was observed by Dr. Vagharshak Pilossyan, MD for a 24-hour period starting at 10 AM Tue. Aug. 23 and ending at 10 AM Wed. Aug. 24. The August 23 Hunger Strike was decided upon in less than 96 hours prior to its execution and created a major outpouring of support locally and globally.
Preparations are underway. Your participation and help is much appreciated. It would be great if you decide to join the efforts.
World Armenians’ and Friends of Armenia/Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) can help save the twin Armenian republics if they massively mobilize in earnest.


  1. S. Dermelkonian says:

    Finally “Pan Armenian National Emergency” start TO Function, after 31 years of
    serfdom,imposed by 1921 Moscow treaty
    between Bolshevik Russia and Mustafa
    Kemal:”sacrificing Armenia pact” VALID
    TODAY.Pretending “Strategic Ally,turning
    “strategic Adversary”,stabbing from the
    back on each occasion, “AS OBlIGATE”
    by the fact of 1991 by Der Bedrosian:
    “accepting 2nd (bolshevik) republic
    CONTINUATION, not 1st”, treacherously wide
    31 years; being SLAVE of bolshevik order.
    Thank God something positive is “EN ROUTE”.

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