Theatrical Release in USA: GATE TO HEAVEN, a film by Jivan Avetisyan AMC THEATRES, OCTOBER 21, 2022

Posted on September. 29. 2022

ARTsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation (US) is proud to announce that GATE TO HEAVEN – «Դրախտի դարպասը», a film by Jivan Avetisyan, who will be honored with the ANCA-ER Freedom Award at its 16th annual gala on Saturday, October 29, 2022, is included in this year’s AMC’s independent programming schedule. This is a highly competitive program, which accepts only 4-8 titles every year.

GATE TO HEAVEN will see its theatrical release starting October 21, 2022 at the following locations:

Glendale, Americana at Brand 18

Detroit, Forum 30

Las Vegas, Town Square 18

Orange, Orange 30

GATE TO HEAVEN is an international war drama starring Richard Sammel, Tatiana Spivakova, Sos Janibekyan, Leo Pobedonoscevas, Naira Zakarian, and directed by Jivan Avetisyan.

GATE TO HEAVEN tells the story…

In the midst of our unprecedented times coupled with the brutal war of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), GATE TO HEAVEN, a film from Armenia/Artsakh, managed to receive a considerable amount of publicity especially in Europe, Russia, and the US. The riveting war drama takes place in Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) during the four-day war in 2016.

The story, haunted by his past, German journalist Robert Sternvall returns to Artsakh after 22 years when the Nagorno-Karabakh war reignites to cover the conflict. In the result of his journalistic investigation, Robert meets Sophia Marti, a young opera singer, who happens to be the daughter of missing photojournalist Edgar Martirosyan, whom Robert abandoned in captivity during the fall of the village of Talish of Nagorno-Karabakh in 1992. As their romance develops, Robert’s guilty conscience catches up and he must face the truth of his past actions. Meanwhile the editor-in-chief of Berlin Post is preparing a grand exhibition to showcase Robert’s talent and celebrate his accomplishments, which is set to take place soon. Sophia is eager to attend the prestigious event not knowing what awaits her…

GATE TO HEAVEN screened across North America including Canada

GLENDALE, September 2021 saw the Glendale premiere of Armenian Avetisyan’s third feature length film, GATE TO HEAVEN. Held in the legendary Alex Theatre, organized by the ARTsakh Arts and Cultural Foundation. Here is Voice of America’s Premiere coverage (link): 

GATE TO HEAVEN also saw its screening in Belgium, Boston, Detroit, Maryland, Montreal, New Jersey, Sacramento, San Francisco, and Toronto (link).

The film screened in Montreal at the Guzzo Mega-Plex Spheretech. The film ran from October 16, 2021 through November 4, 2021.

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