Developing Armenia through existing non-profit programs and institutions

Posted on December. 16. 2022

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. Due to its commitment to development of Armenia, the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation awarded $250 592, 447 to 2nd and 3rd quarter grant winners (10 non-profit organizations) in 2022. Grant applications in the spheres of education, public health/medicine, entrepreneurism, as well as youth, rural and tourism development are submitted year round on the organizations website (preliminary checking the eligibility through a quiz) and are reviewed by the team on quarterly bases. Right after the grants are awarded, the recipient NGOs immediately start implementation of their projects.
Whether it is to develop Armenia through improving special education by enhancing the capacity building within the Ministry of Education, Sciences and Culture, state-funded rural schools, or to actualize better healthcare providing Alzheimer’s disease training presentations for primary care physicians and nurses, or by means of research and popularization of Armenian architecture, culture and history abroad, H. Hovnanian Family Foundation is continuously committed to providing opportunities to the existing non-profit programs and institutions with long-standing history.
The Foundation believes that investment in youth yields returns multi-fold in the future. This is why among the grant recipients are “Our Lady of Armenia Summer Camp”, which hosts 200 children children living in socially and economically vulnerable conditions to attend a camp session of sports, health and cultural education, computer, foreign languages in Tzaghkadzor. “Hub Artsakh” NGO, which was awarded a grant to create Hovnanian Fellowship to support projects, initiatives, and ideas of young entrepreneurs living in Artsakh, will provide professional coaching, as well as co-working space for a full year for 12 students interested in transforming their ideas into profitable projects.
In support of tourism development, “Trails for Change” NGO was funded to install new directional and informational signage at the Yerevan Botanical Garden, and now the visitors’ experience will be more pleasant and user friendly. Another grant recipient, “Progressive Medicine” NGO, will translate from English to Armenian and publish 500 copies of each volume (Volume 1 and Volume 2) of the ICRC War Surgery book to educate qualified and well-trained military doctors, which is essential for Armenia, considering the geopolitical situation of the country. The books will be allocated to the YSMU library and chairs, respected departments of medical centers and rural hospitals.
The 3rd quarter grant cycle recipients who were announced recently are “NorArar Education” NGO, which will improve the reading outcomes of students with special education needs, “Lusik Aguletsi Museum”, which will produce 5- series historical documentary in English about the ancient Armenian queens called “The Armenian Crown”, projected to stream in U.S. and worldwide, Alzheimers Care Armenia “Brain Health Armenia Project”, which is doing a groundbreaking work in Armenia, providing early detection memory screenings and Alzheimer’s disease training, as well as “Research on Armenian Architecture” NGO which needs financing for their office space to continue its activity.
All the grants awarded by H. Hovnanian Family Foundation are to serve the development and security strengthening of Armenia.
Since the Foundation’s establishment in 1986, H. Hovnanian Family Foundation has earmarked over $75 million to hundreds of initiatives and projects for charitable, educational, scientific, cultural, and other related purposes with a primary focus on assisting Armenian communities worldwide as well as organizations in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in the state of New Jersey.

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