Turkish Court Says Property Rights of Two Armenian Foundations Were Violated

Posted on January. 18. 2023

Turkey’s Constitutional Court has ruled in favor of two Armenian foundations who claim their property was illegally seized by the country’s Treasury, this according to an article today in Hürriyet Daily News.
The immovable properties of Samandağ Vakıflı Village Orthodox Church and Yedikule Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital were previously confiscated and transferred to the Treasury. The two Armenian foundations applied to the Constitutional Court for a total of 41 properties, which they claim belong to the community.
The court ruled that the confiscation of the foundations’ property violated the right of property guaranteed in the country’s constitution.
Vakıflı Köyü (Armenian: Վաքըֆ) is the only remaining Armenian village in Turkey. It’s located on the slopes of Musa Dagh in the Samandağ district of Hatay Province overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.
The Surp Pırgiç Armenian Hospital is in the Yedikule quarter of Istanbul’s Fatih district.

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