Armenian Boxing Championship in Yerevan kicks off with scandal

Posted on February. 17. 2023

The Armenian Boxing Championship has started in Yerevan’s “Dynamo” gym, with 95 athletes from Yerevan and regions of the country taking part in it.
The first day began with a scandal. Before the start, world champion, legendary Israel Hakobkokhyan came to the ring and said he was holding a protest action because the Boxing Federation of Armenia had banned his son from participating in the Armenian championship.
“My son won the Armenian championship last year, but he was not allowed to win. He took second place, but he is not called to the training camp, not invited to competitions. I use my own funds to send him to competitions.
Today the Federation has decided not to allow my son to participate in the Armenian Championship. This is a hostile attitude towards my child, towards his sports career,” Hakobkokhyan said.
The protest was short-lived; the world champion left the ring, saying he did not want to harm the careers of other boxers.

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