The Convenient Scapegoat Called Baret

Posted on May. 10. 2023 – On May 6, the Synod of the Sts. James Brotherhood defrocked Fr. Baret Yeretsian and dismissed him from the Brotherhood. The 77-year-old clergyman, who for years has terrified members of the Brotherhood while selling Armenian lands or granting illegal (99-year) leases has now been returned to his baptismal name of Khachig Yeretsian. While the Synod’s action is commendable, it’s too little and too late. Large tracts of Armenian land in the Old City of Jerusalem and coastal Israel might have been lost or been given away in “forever” leases through Yeretsian’s criminal she- nanigans. In defrocking Yeretsian, the Synod had the support of Yeretsian’s co-conspirator and fellow “land give-away impresario” Patriarch Nourhan. That after five years of giving away Armenian lands, the Patriarch has suddenly seen the light is hard to stomach. It’s very likely that to prevent negative actions by the Jordanian Government and the Palestinian Authority against him, the 75-year-old Patriarch is trying to save his skin by pretending he was mislead by Yeretsian. Pinocchio is alive and well and living in Jerusalem.

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