Former IBF, WBO world champion Arthur Abraham calls on UN to unblock Lachin Corridor

Posted on August. 17. 2023

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. Retired Armenian-German professional boxer Arthur Abraham has called for the opening of the Lachin Corridor, stressing that 120.000 people are fighting for survival.
In a video message shared on YouTube, the former IBF middleweight and WBO super-middleweight world champion said, “Since December 12, 2022, a severe humanitarian crisis has been created in Nagorno-Karabakh as a result of Azerbaijan’s blockade of the Lachin Corridor.
The Lachin Corridor is the only road of life connecting Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia and the whole world.
120.000 innocent civilians are struggling to survive in the absence of food, medicine and other vital supplies.
30.000 children, 20.000 elderly, 9.000 people with disabilities and 2.000 pregnant women are calling for help, but the world is silent.
The harsh reality of starving people is a humanitarian disaster that calls for immediate action.
I call on the United Nations and the civilized world to intervene. Open The Lachin Corridor.
Arthur Abraham.”

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