Armenian model who survived cancer won beauty pageant held in China

Posted on January. 7. 2024

Hasmik Sanamyan, an Armenian model also known as Jessie, emerged victorious at the annual “World Madam Competition 2023” held in Shenzhen, China. The event is a beauty contest where women from different countries showcase their respective cultures, with one winner from China and a foreign country each. This year, Jessie won the “Annual Global Champion” title for representing Armenia, ChinArmArt reported. 

During her speech, Jessie, who overcame cancer and has a unique skin type with vitiligo, emphasized the importance of showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of every woman. She expressed that neither cancer nor vitiligo nor any other adversity should distort a woman’s true beauty. Jessie’s participation aimed to encourage women worldwide to embrace their individuality and have the courage to express it confidently. She believes that every woman has a unique identity and beauty that should be celebrated irrespective of the challenges they may have faced. 

The competition is a highly regarded event that draws participants from around the world and serves as a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation. Jessie’s win is a testament to her beauty, poise, and ability to represent her country in a positive light. 

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