Azerbaijan attempts to sabotage Armenian economy, warns Union of Miners and Metallurgists

Posted on February. 13. 2024

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. The Union of Miners and Metallurgists of Armenia has expressed deep concern over the latest wave of disinformation and fake  news campaigns targeting the Armenian mining sector.

In a statement, the union warned that the fake accusations and defamatorystatements could even have serious consequences for the Armenian economic stability. The union said that the disinformation is spread by both foreign and domestic entities, including Armenian environmental organizations. “Armenia’s mining sector recorded significant progress in the recent years in terms of sustainable management. Although we didn’t expect the Armenian environmental organizations to notice or encourage these changes, but we at least hoped that pursuant to national interests they would be cautious in order not to support Azerbaijan’s political goals of misrepresenting Armenia as a ‘regional disaster’ and preventing investments into our country,” the union said in a statement.

It said that Azeri officials and organizations cite the defamatory accusationsmade by Armenian organizations in their statements. “It is well-known that Azerbaijan is trying to sabotage by all possible means the Armenian economy. We recall with regret the Yeraskh steel plant project.

Azerbaijan deployed its entire resources to undermine this project, which led to the factory being moved and our economy suffered millions of dollars in damages,” the union said. The union added that Azerbaijan is constantly targeting with its fake news the Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant, the Kapan and Kajaran Combines, the Amulsar gold mine, which is yet to be re-launched, the Ararat gold plant and Teghut. “We don’t seek to restrict anyone’s right to express concerns, but we want to remind that non-professional assessments, unfounded accusations and disinformation lay the groundwork for Azerbaijan’s propaganda and put doubt on the prospect of having responsible and modern mining in our country,” the union added.

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