BAGRATIK’S BANKRUPTCY… And the “auspicious” end of Robik, Serzhik and Ktrichik (Karekin II)’s circus à la Tavush

Posted on June. 7. 2024

Below is the text of a televised conversation on USA ARMENIAN LIFE TV which was aired via AMGA TV on 

May 24, 2024. The TV program, titled “BAGRATIK’S BANKRUPTCY… And the ‘auspicious’ end of Robik, Serzhik and Ktrichik (Karekin II)’s circus à la Tavush” features investigative journalists Appo Jabarian and Vosgan Mekhitarian. 

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APPO JABARIAN: Good evening, dear viewers, my name is Appo Jabarian. 

With me tonight is fellow journalist Vosgan Mekhitarian. 

In the last few years, the Republic of Armenia recorded significant progress, against all kinds of difficulties, in diversifying its foreign military alliance and getting out of the stagnant state. 

Despite the fact that the 44-day national tragedy of 2020 has created heavy psychological burden on the Armenian people, the Armenian political circles, especially the healthy new generation, which I have repeatedly described as the ‘Golden Generation’ and continue to do so has taken the necessary steps to diversify Armenia’s foreign alliances namely with the European Union, the United States of America, why not with Iran and many other countries, including Ukraine, India and many other countries. 

These steps position Armenia in the most important region – ‘the Democracy Belt’ that starts from the Scandinavian countries, passing to the Baltic States, all the way to Ukraine, Poland, Moldova, Georgia ending in the heart of the South Caucasus Armenia. Since the former Soviet times, these countries have always had national aspirations for independence under a shield of thriving economies and robust military capabilities paving the way to augmented national sovereignty, independence and defense. 

In light of the recent developments, what kind of scenario is Armenia trying to implement in order to achieve the stated goals? Two weeks ago, we talked about “A POLITICAL CIRCUS À LA TAVUSH.” We talked about the Russian-sponsored 5th column and anti-state activities in Armenia. 

The poster ‘boy’ turned out to be none other than Catholicos of All Armenians’ crony primate of Tavush Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan. In early May, Arch. Bagrat overstepped his religious authority and without defrocking himself in order to return to civilian life and only then engage into political activities; and without renouncing his Canadian citizenship, announced his candidacy for PM. He started a political campaign in direct violation of the Armenian Constitution. His main political goal of dethroning the popularly-elected ruling Civil Contract Party’s leader and Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan fell on deaf ears. 

In early May, Arch. Bagrat unilaterally decided to start a march from the northeastern town of Tavush all the way to Yerevan. Initially he said that the march is being carried out under the banner of ‘love and peace.’ However, a few days later, he contradicted himself by demanding Prime Minister Pashinyan’s resignation and simultaneously announcing his candidacy for PM. 

Arch. Bagrat’s capricious behavior triggered comedic conversations in the world of Armenian media. Some TV commentators started calling him Bagratik (a term of endearment for people called “Bagrat”.) 

USA Armenian Life described Arch. Bagrat’s actions as “A POLITICAL CIRCUS À LA TAVUSH.”

By that time, it had become clear that Arch. Bagrat’s and his political backers’ including Russia’s Pres. Putin’s main intention was to derail the border demarcation process between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The process had started in the Tavush border area concerning and affected four villages that were part of Armenia based on Alma Ata International Agreement and globally-recognized maps. Any disruption of the process by the Armenian side would give Baku the upper hand to publicize Armenia’s transience when in fact it was Azerbaijan that wanted the derailment of the process. 

When the border demarcation process started under EU and USA’s auspices, Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev, with Russia’s tacit approval, attempted to obstruct the process. He did not hide his militaristic ambitions to invade Armenia and forcibly occupy not just territories in the north east but also carve out the so-called Meghri corridor down in the south. 

Had Aliyev been successful in executing his unprovoked military aggression against Armenia, Armenia’s access to the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Greater Middle East would have been blocked. Armenia needed some respite and peace for a short while more in order to nearly complete the buildup of its armed forces. 

To make things very complex for Azerbaijan and Russia – the former hegemon in South Caucasus, EU, USA and Iran behind-the-scenes, succeeded in keeping Aliyev at bay effectively curbing Russia’s appetite for resuscitating its monopoly of power in South Caucasus. 

But also, a good part of the credit goes to the valiant Armenian Armed Forces. Armenia does not hide the fact that Yerevan has put on a fast track, Armenia’s military buildup thanks to close cooperation with India and to a certain extent France, EU and USA and a number of Eastern Mediterranean states such Greece, Cyprus, Egypt and even Saudi Arabia. 

World Armenians have become privy to the fact that during the last several decades, the so-called ‘ally’ Russia, under Pres. Putin, has effectively sabotaged Armenia’s economy, defense, national security and sovereignty through its proxies in Armenia, 

In the aftermath of 44-Day anti-Armenian terrorist aggression by Azerbaijan-Turkey- ISIS, the following additional factors began emerging pointing to a troubling political landscape: 

– Putin’s Russia covertly has aided Azerbaijan and collaborated with Turkey, Israel and Pakistan against Armenia/Artsakh; 

– Putin’s Russia covertly ‘ordered’ its military proxies in Armenia – mainly Armenian general officers with Soviet mindset and proponents of Russification of Armenia and rejoining some sort of a union with the Russian Federation, to covertly sabotage Armenia/Artsakh Armenians’ war efforts; 

– Putin’s Russia additionally ‘ordered’ its religious proxies in the Armenian Church to join the sabotage of Armenia/Artsakh Armenians’ war efforts. There are increasing claims that Catholicos of All Armenians Karekin II cronies acting like military chaplains were mainly spying on Armenian defense forces movements during the 44-Day War;

– Diaspora-based independent reporters also indicate that a number of faith-based and community-based organizational leaders in Diaspora also joined in the acts of national treason. Some church leaders have reportedly raised millions of dollars under the pretext of assisting Armenians, but merely few thousands were sent. The funds that were sent were mainly to the members of Karabakh Mafia led by Catholicos Karekin II and old regime kleptocrats former Presidents Robert Kocharyan and Serzh Sargsyan. And the list goes on. 

Now, overwhelming majorities both in Armenia and Diaspora are in favor of border demarcation that may enhance any chances for peace – albeit fragile, between warmonger Azerbaijan and the current underdog Armenia. 

Going back to Arch. Bagrat’s political hyper activism, that phase of Arch. Bagrat’s march on Yerevan was labeled by USA Armenian Life as “Bagratik’s Expedition.” 

A week later the TV program was titled as “A POLITICAL CIRCUS À LA TAVUSH! … Bagrat Serpazan, Robert Kocharyan, Serzh Sargsyan, Karekin II… They “saved” Artsakh, now they want to ‘save’ Armenia…” 

Now how can one best describe his movement? 

Today we have reached the day when the Republic of Armenia is at a crossroads. 

My question to Mr. Mekhitarian, what are the latest developments you have noticed in recent days and what kind of perspective do you see for the Republic of Armenia? 

VOSGAN MEKHITARIAN: Mr. Jabarian, please make sure that the next title is “Bagratik’s bankruptcy”. It is very simple. The crowd came out and showed what they can do. It is so obvious. … They definitely failed. But the important question here, Mr. Jabarian, is not only Reverend Bagrat, but the anti-state forces behind Reverend Bagrat. If they were really truly patriots and concerned about the country, they would never stir the public against the government. 

He just announced that he will organize a new campaign on May 26. What are you going to do, Arch. Bagrat? Our concern is neither you, nor the government, nor the forces standing behind you, especially your “Boss”, Catholcos Karekin II. You are against your people with your misguided campaign. 

Why are you inciting the people against the government? What is your goal? All those who encourage you with the “olive branches” seem to continue to encourage you, to keep what they have stolen and accumulated over the years, and return to power. 

You changed from black clothes to a white dress. Are you the new Christ or the new St. Ghevond? You have degraded the Armenian Apostolic church, the church that kept its people throughout the centuries, when we had no state government. Neither the Persians, nor the Arabs, nor the Byzantines could enslave us. 

Let’s try to help this fledgling independent state. We know their weaknesses, but let’s help them for the benefit of the motherland, instead of inciting the people against the government. Is there anyone who did not know that this poor and fiery people that you bring to the square has been bribed? All these are clearly recorded. We heard with our own ears from our brothers from Artsakh how much money they received. … My concern is the government of the country. How many times do we have to remind you that the enemy is outside? We are besieged from both sides. Our age-old enemies are Turkey and Azerbaijan. … Don’t make history repeat itself. Today, the enemy is outside. You discredited yourself thousands of times. 

All of this happens because Catholicos Karekin II, in collaboration with the cabal, will end up destroying the Armenian Apostolic Church. We are never against our Mother See. We are against those churchmen who exploit their position for their personal and other interests, dark interests. 

Today, Rev. Bagrat, you are the victim of your ambitions. You thought that these people would elect you as the prime minister. For what merit of yours? What experience do you have in the political arena? What understanding and preparation do you have that you dare to declare “many people standing by your side/ working in the old kleptocratic regime, including former foreign minister Vardan Oskanyan who recently proclaimed: “Bagrat is our new prime minister?” 

Please stop ruining people’s lives. … The souls of our beloved brothers and sisters in Armenia and diaspora are bleeding. The only thing you and your boss Catholicos Karekin II should do is to self-defrock. Politics is none of your business. Yes, you are a citizen of the country. You may have something to say. But instead of making your words clear, which should have come from the Gospel, such as unity, solidarity and love, you propagate the exact opposite. You have disgraced this church. … The time has come for the people to stand up to expel the parasites like you from the church and isolate them from society. 

The time has come to clean the Mother See. So that the Armenian Apostolic Church regains its high position and standing. 

APPO JABARIAN: Thank you, Mr. Mekhitarian. 

Apparently, Karekin II should not forget that in the end he should defrock himself and depose himself, so that new horizons can be opened for the Armenian Apostolic Church. 

Apparently, Karekin II. and his “clan”, the so-called “Karabakh clan”, are in an unholy alliance. Only recently, it was revealed that this alliance has been operating for several decades, and this secret alliance revealed its face for the first time on October 27, 1999, when a “massive” assassination of statesmen was carried out inside the National Assembly of Armenia. On that day, not only did world Armenians lose their brilliant leaders, Prime Minister Vasgen Sargsyan and Speaker of Parliament Karen Demirjian and other healthy-thinking and acting statesmen, but they also lost their collective future. The Republic of Armenia went back almost 30 years. 

And now, apparently, when the Armenian nation in the Diaspora and Homeland is preparing to sail to new brighter horizons, once again Robert Kocharyan, one of the main actors of the 5th column is rearing his head once again 

Let’s watch this video and witness the words of the person who has publicly boasted that he will wear out the Republic of Armenia to barebone. Apparently, this time he will bring down to the ground none other than the Armenian Apostolic Church, in cooperation with his “KGB” collaborators including Karekin II. and Bagratik and certainly others. Let’s watch Kocharyan and continue our conversation. 

ROBERT KOCHARYAN: If you can find a venerable clergy member in the Armenian Apostolic Church… At this critical moment, such a candidate would be ideal, in my opinion. There must be a sufficient mass, which must go out into the street, and that street must not mention my name or about anyone else. If such a thing happens, we will not be able to achieve anything. That street should be about removing the current PM from power. … We should not take to the streets and say: “Here, we are going out to bring Kocharyan to power.” As soon as we start saying such things, we will not be able to achieve anything. 

VOSGAN MEKHITARIAN: I am sure that all of you watched his speech with laughter, the speech of our former president. The same broad smile was also on my face. Can you imagine that the “best candidate” is now Bagrat? It means that bankruptcy has reached its peak. This means that they do not have any candidate, nor do they have a clear plan. Their only plan — keep what they have stolen so far. 

APPO JABARIAN: Apparently, the title suggested to Mr. Mkhitaryan, “Bagratik’s Bankruptcy”, is very appropriate. But the surprise factor is another traditional Diaspora organization is embedded in this bankrupt scheme. And the name of that entity is Armenian Revolutionary Federation. 

In the 1980s, the leader of the Soviet “KGB” named Oleg Kalugin, who later defected to the West, has clearly revealed in his memoirs how the agents of the Soviet “KGB” were able to recruit so many ARF members within the party. Oleg Kalugin later wrote that they managed to destroy the national spirit in the ARF and put an end to the struggle in favor of the Armenian people. Considering that fact and comparing it with the behavior of today’s ARF in Armenia during the previous 20-30 years inside Armenia, we should see that the normal continuation is taking place and we should not be surprised. 

Many traditional Diaspora Armenians who are in constant contact with your humble servant, are expressing their anger and asking, Why is the head of the Bureau of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, called Hagop Der Khachaturian is posing for a photo with a known KGB informant Catholicos Karekin II? 

A word should be said here to accurately reflect the true picture of the Diaspora. I am not alone. Whoever wants to verify for himself, let him conduct a mini poll asking a simple question to at least ten randomly picked Diaspora Armenians and see if they will not arrive at the same conclusion showing that the traditional political parties of the Diaspora, starting with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, with its media outlets such as “Asbarez”, are relevant. Asbarez now is identified as a media outlet that is constantly sounding the false alarm and constantly trying to muddy the mood in the Diaspora. They shamelessly side with the old kleptomaniacs of the 5th column. Look at the photo that is fairly recent. (Photo of ARF Bureau leader with kleptocrat Catholicos Karekin II) I completely agree with a political scientist in Paris Gaidzer Minasian who recently stated: “There are two paths for the ARF: one is the coffin; the other is the grave.” 

Unfortunately, this party was destroyed by our modern-day opportunists, and instead of fostering a good cause, they continue their campaign for power. A campaign against whom? To usurp power so that the 5th column can keep their loot. A campaign against the Armenian people. Unbelievable, but true. Many Diaspora circles abroad, which in the past formed large armies of sympathizers of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation, now those fans have disappeared and if they continue like this, the description by Mr. Gaidzer Minasian of Paris is not far from becoming a reality. If a person has love and respect for the Russian people, it is a good and healthy thing, but becoming a tool of Putin pursuing anti-Armenian, anti-state goals is treason. 

VOSGAN MEKHITARIAN: Our focus should be on the big picture, because two superpowers are trying to assert their authority over the Caucasus. We must not fall prey to them. Armenia is a key bridge between East and Europe. Let’s be smart. Let’s cherish what we have.

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