VIVI KOUTSOS, the winner of Kashan Oriental Rug Raffle – 77th Annual ANC Picnic Saturday – June 29, 2024

Posted on July. 7. 2024

Congratulations to Mrs. VIVI KOUTSOS, the winner of the ANCA Rug Raffle at this year’s 77th Annual ANC Picnic Richmond, Virginia. This was the most successful picnic in the history of this event. Shad Shad Merci to all those who helped make it a memorable event. The Sales of Chicken & Losh Kebob Dinner were record numbers and everyone complimented the flavor and traditional Armenian taste of this food. Of special appreciation to all who gracious gave very generous donations to the ANC Picnic and purchased the many ANC Rug Raffle tickets. Most appreciative of St. James Armenian Church of Richmond, VA for allowing the use of their facilities. Appreciation to the Women of the “Houys” ARS Chapter of Richmond for their dedicated assistance of food preparation and working at the Picnic. Shad Merci to the many volunteers of the Richmond Armenian Community who gave of their time and efforts working the event and supporting the ANCA Mission. The music by Raffi & Avedik was superb and all enjoyed their talents. The St. James Armenian Church Dance Group performance was most enjoyable and we thank them. It was indeed a pleasure to see the ANCA Interns coming from Washington, DC to attend this ANCA Picnic. It has become a tradition every year. They added much zest to the event. This was the 77th Annual ANC Picnic in Richmond, VA, we look forward to carrying forward this Richmond Armenian Community Tradition, God Willing! 

Bedros Bandazian 

Richmond, VA 

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