Chronological order of events relating to Western Diocese-Taglyan Complex from 2003 to 2019 What happened since 2003!

Posted on April. 27. 2019


1) April 2003: Pastor Manuk Markaryan of St. John Garabed Armenian Church in Hollywood appealed to Petros Taglyan for the purchase of the long-term lease on the adjacent land next to the Church. In good faith Mr. Taglyan purchases for $300,000 and donated it to the Church.
2) June 11, 2003: St. John Garabed Church Parish Council sends a thank you letter to Mr. Taglyan for the $300,000 donation.
3) May 2003-Sept. 2004: the Hovnan Derderian-Manuk Markaryan duo fails at raising any funds to build hall and parking lot.
4) Sept. 16, 2004: Pastor Manuk Markaryan sent an appeal letter in Armenian to Mr. Taglyan saying that the church was in bad financial shape and it was unable to meet the monthly lease payments. The letter was unanswered. (See page E5)
5) Sept. 28, 2004: Pastor Manuk Markaryan sent a 2nd appeal letter also in Armenian to Mr. Taglyan this time proposing to him 1) to oversee the construction; 2) to take over the management of Taglyan Complex after completion of construction; 3) to secure the entire loan for the construction of the hall at the rate 7% annual interest and receive the funds back from the proceeds of Taglyan Complex without any time limitation until the entire loan is paid off. Mr. Taglyan declined to accept the offer saying he didn’t want to get involved in any catering business management and any business dealings with the church. (See page E5)
6) Nov. 6, 2004: Upon personal appeal by Arch. Derderian finally Mr. Taglyan’s attorney drafted a counter-agreement reiterating Pastor Manuk Markaryan’s offer as outlined in the Sept. 28, 2004 letter. (See page E4)
7) Jan. 16, 2005: Arch. Derderian and Western Diocese presented in English a letter using Pastor Manouk Markaryan’ s name as the signatory making a new offer and proposing Mr. Taglyan 1) to oversee the construction; 2) to take over the management of Taglyan Complex after completion of construction confirming “that the church will not have the right to intrude in any manner in the financial operations of these facilities;” 3) all of the expenses incurred will be reimbursed to you from the proceeds of the operation of the hall. You will receive an additional 7% interest annually until the complete reimbursement of the funds spent by you “receiving the funds back from the proceeds of Taglyan Complex without any time limitation until the entire loan is paid off. In addition to presenting this letter-offer, Arch Derderian and Pastor Manuk used their façade as pious spiritual servants they personally reached out to Mr. Taglyan vying to reach their goal. Back then Arch Derderian and Pastor Manuk projected the image of holy men. Both men were new arrivals in Western U.S. and were highly anxious to show some administrative success so that their popularity-ranking improved. Wherever they went, they used Mr. Taglyan’s good name and reputation.
8) From 2005 to 2009: Based on St. John Garabed parish council‘s approval of the Hovnan Derderian/Western Diocese new offer of January 16, 2005, Mr. Taglyan started construction by continuously borrowing millions of dollars from the bank.
9) 2009: After completion of construction, Mr. Taglyan tries to find a suitable catering company to operate the Taglyan Complex. After unsuccessful attempts and losing more money, Mr. Taglyan stepped in and formed his own catering company to operate Taglyan Complex thus saving the entire project from total bankruptcy.
10) 2015 through 2018: The Taglyan Complex thrived under Mr. Taglyan’s management becoming a highly famous catering and entertainment center ranking as #1 in the entire Los Angeles County. By making profit the project enticed the greed of The Derderian Triumvirate: Arch Derderian, Pastor Manouk Markaryan, and Pastor’s son Harout Markaryan.
11) May 2018: “The Derderian Triumvirate” attempted to boot out Mr. Taglyan They decided to remove Mr. Taglyan altogether in order to collect the income dismissing the pay down agreement of the loan while keeping the income for themselves.
12) May 2018: Soon after his discovery of The Derderian Triumvirate’s plan, Mr. Taglyan offered to relinquish management of Taglyan Complex to the church under the condition that the church guarantees the repayment of the loan. The church refused to issue such a guarantee. Subsequently Mr. Taglyan chose to keep in force the original management and loan repayment agreement.
13) Sept. 17, 2018: Western Diocese and Saint John Garabed church attorney sends a 30-day notice to vacate property. (Where is the input from Joseph Kanimian, Esq. and Adrienne Krikorian, Esq. in their capacity as Chairman and Co-Chairwoman of Diocesan Council, the highest governing body of the Western Diocese?)
14) Late 2018: Western Diocese filed a lawsuit against Mr. Taglyan for Unlawful Detainer.
15) Jan. 28, 2019: Western Diocese and Saint John Garabed church lost the case. Superior Court Judge Randolph M. Hammock issued a verdict in favor of Mr. Taglyan and ordered Western Diocese to pay Mr. Taglyan’s all legal fees. Judge Hammock stated that he didn’t find Pastor Manuk a creditable witness stating, “frankly I don’t believe, Pastor Manuk at all,” and Pastor Manuk “was just covering himself and his butt.” Judge Hammock also added that taking into consideration that Mr. Taglyan and his family had spent 15 years and millions of dollars of their own money, “It would be grave misjustice to rule in your (Western Diocese) favor.” (See page E3)
16) March 11, 2019: In an effort to create confusion in the mind of the public by disseminating disinformation, Western Diocese issued an incoherent official press release posting it on their website. (See page ? The unintelligible press release erroneously made several unfounded claims.
17) April 13, 2019: Members of independent and free media studied the facts and revealed several lies being spread through Western Diocese’s March 11 press release. (See TRUTH VS. LIES on page-E6)

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