Eradication of corruption and nepotism make Armenia and Diaspora stronger

Posted on July. 25. 2020

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What a difference between the 2016 4-day war and the 2020 3-day war!
In 2016, under kleptocracy, Armenia lost many soldiers and 800 hectares (1,976 acres) ground to the enemy.

This time, Armenia not only achieved a military victory on the ground against Azerbaijan but also information war on the international stage, thanks to her vibrant Diaspora.
Now Armenia must go on and win several other wars: Demographic, Economic, Socio-political and Technology wars as well as war on corruption and kleptocracy.

In 2020 under a shield of increasing transparency, Armenia gained ground assering control several strategic hilltops while Azerbaijan suffered important losses including an Azerbaijani Army General, a high-ranking officer, about 45 soldiers in contrast to Armenian side’s 5. Armenian military air-defense technology destroyed 15 drones and UAV’s.

In order for Armenia and Diaspora to become stronger they need to eradicate kleptocracy everywhere — in Armenian State and the Church.

Positive Hayastan wrote on Facebook: “The Armenian Army just pulled off a military masterstroke.”
Why were the military operations carried out during the past week significant and what did Azerbaijan lose?

Positive Hayastan continued: “While we all rejoiced as our armed forces demonstrated absolute dominance in spirit and professionalism during battle, killing over 40 azeri special forces, destroying 3 tanks, downing 15 UAVs and proving that the military industry in Armenia has taken strides forward with the showcase of locally manufactured suicide drones taking out high ranking azeri officers with pinpoint accuracy and upgraded Osa-AKMs bringing down sophisticated UAVs; pride of the Israeli military technology, the most important (but least spoken about) accomplishment of the military operations however occurred during the very first few hours of the battle. On the morning of July 13 the Armenian Armed Forces pulled off a military masterstroke when soldiers of the 3rd Army Corps, with involvement of Armenian Special Forces and Reconnaissance regimens liberated the heights overlooking the city of Tovuz (video link below). For readers who are not very familiar with the geography of the region, Tovuz is one of the 3 districts that constitute the narrow strip of land in Northwestern azerbaijan, bordered by Georgia from the North and East and Armenia from the West.”

Why is this territory important to Azerbaijan?
“The territory contains the most valuable strategic assets in the country. The Baku-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline, the Baku-Kars Railway, the Trans-Anatolian Gas Pipeline (All run through Turkish-occupied Armenian Highlands in Western Armenia – Editor), the Tovuzchay reservoir and the Kur River Basin are all located or pass through this narrow piece of land. The difficult part for Azerbaijan however is that the defense of this area is a strategic nightmare. The territory is mostly lowland and has no strategic depth due to the Kur River basin which divides it in half vertically. The only way Azeris can defend the area is by maintaining control of the western mountain range on the border with Armenia,” added Positive Hayastan. Kur River originates in Western Armenia.

So what did the Armenian Army really do?
“The Armenian Armed Forces now have a clear view of the territory extending from the Armenian border in Tavush to the Tovuzchay reservoir and the Kur River basin in Azerbaijan. This means, Armemian Army now has control over at least some parts of the western mountain range that overlook the lowlands where Azerbaijan’s strategic assets are located. Everything our enemy possesses is now within artillery range of the Armenian Army,” noted Positive Hayastan.

“A clear message to our enemy: Following Azerbaijan’s threat to strike the Metsamor Nuclear Power plant, Artsakh’s president Arayik Harutyunyan posted a video on his facebook account with a very clear message to Azerbaijan (video link below). The president had spent the night on the northern frontline of Artsakh on the Mrav mountain range. The video showed a clear view of one of Azerbaijan’s largest cities “Ganja” (original Armenian name “Gantsak” in historical Armenian region of Utik – Editor) (figure 3). Artsakh president’s post was no coincidence. Ganja – Gantsak is 70km southeast of Tovuz and 70km away from Azerbaijan’s largest power plant in Mingecevir. The Armenian side had delivered two messages in one strike. First, from Ganja – Gantsak to Tovuz to the Kur Basin, the Armenian Armed Forces now have a clear view of all enemy movements and strategic assets. Second, if Metsamor Power Plant is threatened, Mingecevir and the half million population of Ganja -Gantsak will disappear,” underlined Positive Hayastan.

The Armenian Armed Forces’s ingenuity and courage has changed the balance of powers in the region. Armenians must now unite their efforts to maintain the gains won by the blood and sweat of our soldiers.

In a July 18 article in USA Armenian Life Magazine issue no. 1738, titled “THE UNIFICATION OF UTIK THE ULTIMATE BUFFER ZONE” Prof. Z. S. Andrew Demirdjian wrote: “Next time, Azerbaijan attacks Armenia and Artsakh, we should take the opportunity to capture Ganja-Gazakh plain region located on the western part of Azerbaijan all the way to Russian Federation border through Shaki-Zaqatala district from Martakert in self defense. … Establishing this safety corridor actually lies mainly in historic Armenian land, namely Utik, the 12th province of Greater Armenia. As you may know, Utik was a historic province of the Kingdom of Armenia.” A bright idea by Prof. Demirdjian of immense strategic importance to Armenia’s survival.

This time, Armenia not only achieved a military victory on the ground against Azerbaijan but also information war on the international stage, thanks to her vibrant Diaspora.
Now Armenia must go on and win several other wars: Demographic, Economic, Socio-political and Technology wars as well as war on corruption and kleptocracy.

Armenia and Diaspora should capitalize on the successful results of the 2020 3-day war (July 12-14). They should use the momentum to expedite and intensify further military build-up and militarization of ALL Armenians. As goes a Latin adage translated as “If you want peace, prepare for war.” “Only through weapon there is salvation for Armenians.” (“Miayn zenqov ga Hayots Prgutyun!”) Not just metal weapon but the ‘weapon’ of educational, scientific, economic and socio-political optimization of collective resources.

In Diaspora, Armenian Education and preservation of heritage and culture help boots the new generation’s identity. It empowers the youth to have healthy outlook and sense of orientation in these trying and distracting times.

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