Director of Nationa l Security Service of Armenia issues statement on his resigna tion

Posted on September. 20. 2019

YEREVAN, ARMENPRESS. Director of the National Security Service of Armenia Artur Vanetsyan announced his resignation.

The NSS chief issued a statement which says:

“Dear servicemen of the National Security Service,

I announce that I made a decision to resign from the post of Director of the National Security Service of Armenia. I consider this decision the most preferable and the most grounded option to serve the Republic of Armenia and my people in the current situation and in the context of the future.

I made this decision as confidently as the one when I agreed to assume the post of the NSS Director at a crucial stage for our country. My activity of one and a half year has always been in front of your eyes, and I did every step with one principle – the honor of the Homeland and the officer are above everything.

State-building has its logic – the spontaneity of decisions, the turbulence of actions, but the acting style of not differentiating the priority from the secondary, the passing from the permanent is not the path leading to the fulfillment of goals. It has nothing in common with the dignity of an officer: the officer’s shoulder strap and such course of the developments are incompatible. Let my resignation be a sobering step for Stop, and in all the remaining options the duty towards the homeland will win. Peace and security to our country”.

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