American Politics and a Trump Card

Posted on September. 24. 2019

By Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian
October 27, 2016

Editorial Note:  The flow of Professor Hovhanness I. Pilikian’s astonishing discoveries of world-significance, re-writing History, ancient and modern, seems unstoppable… He has the Midas touch, an interpretative genius – whatever his analytic mind tackles, seems to home in on its origins, and through a remarkable wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge, produce radical new insights, impeccably contextualized, linking the past admirably with the present, enlightening both – the result is pure intellectual Alchemist’s gold.  An extraordinary case in point in this innovative essay is the Professor’s ‘archaeological’ discovery of the unlikely long-distance virtual marriage of minds between America’s greatest President Woodrow Wilson (incidentally a benefactor of the Armenian cause) and Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union – Mrs. Phaedra Behrent, independent Researcher.



I am neither a Trumpeter nor a Trumpetist … and I enjoy the fact that I was one of the first to satirize Donald Trump’s ridiculous political ideas,

Especially his obsessional Wall-building passion… plagiarized from the Israeli military fools, in turn plagiarizing the idea from ancient… China, of a Wall seen from Space-stations!

Some may argue that it worked in the case of Israel, which is suddenly finally out of the international news for some time now.  This is because of extremely complex factors outside the limits of this article. President Hafez el-Assad (the Father) was certain he would get the Golan Heights back from Israel peacefully, before his death, what he had lost in a military campaign – The Golan did belong geopolitically to Syria. Never mind the Golanthere is not much Syria left nowadays… and Israel in the world’s eyes seems to have nothing to do whatsoever with anything happening in the region … she is the one country in peace with its neighbours, even seemingly with the Palestinian children throwing stones at its army; their Intifadas I & II seem to have been mothballed!

While the horrendous Berlin Wall was torn down by the bare hands of the German people, one thought that the time of walls-erection by the military perverts of any nation was long gone, before the Israeli state revived it again. And now Mr. Trump of America wishes to build one across the miles and miles of the border with Mexico … and he is strangely certain the Mexicans will agree to pay for it, perhaps on the back of a cocaine/heroine drugs deal?

With the real prospect of becoming America’s next President – and I think he may yet win the elections with a landslide, as his opponent, Mrs Clinton looks and sounds very much like déja vue, dated, pointless, and with a heavy ‘criminal’ record!  Peoples of the world are sick and tired of an America diseased by its military into continuous warmongering. The Internet revolutionized the world – something both the idiots on the Right and the Marxists on the Left still won’t get it!  The American military fools committed a great grave error of judgment throwing George Bush Junior into the fraudulent war on so-said Terror – all the positives of the American Dream have now turned into endless nightmares, America itself being universally hated by the world – because the world wants universal peace.  It hoped of President Obama – the Nobel Peace Prize was given to him before even he could be sworn in and tried out as a President, as an advance of plenty good will by the world, strengthening his position against his racist detractors – unfortunately the semiotic sign was too much for the illiterate idiots of the American military – they wasted the world’s good will, terrorizing their mixed-race president (deliberately misrepresented as America’s first black president which Obama  definitely is not, born of a white mother) from acting on the good will of the world.  The American military-industrial complex that rules the United States subverted, dynamited, and castrated Obama’s efforts, converting him into a semi-paralyzed lame duck.  The continuously abused epithet as ‘the first Black President of America’ now sounds not only hollow, but factually wrong, because it is – to repeat, Barak Obama’s mother was white – he is the first mixed-race President of America, never the Black first, now turned into a white elephant, useless, pointless, with all mankind’s dreams of a peaceful world put on his shoulders now in tatters.

Woodrow Wilson (1919)

Obama’s single legacy – the concept of Change happens/happening – could still come true; Donald Trump is changing … from a straw blonde rich man uncaring of the poor, into a pragmatic intelligent statesman conscious of massive American poverty – I see indications that he may yet defy the Bushite military fools of America, and come into a grand accord with President Putin of Russia, transforming the prospects of a world in peace, becoming America’s greatest Peace-maker President.  President Trump could model himself on the single great President of American History – Woodrow Wilson, who with Lenin, the Founder of the Soviet Union, could have become History’s greatest peace makers, Christ-like paradigms the world political leaders of today could learn from.

The Horrors of American Policies and its avoidable Nazi Inhumanity

The world (and thinking Americans themselves) are fed up to the back teeth with warmongering American governments – the Iraq War really truly became the biggest crucifix-nail in the coffin of American imperialism – George Bush Jr. (coupled with the Brit Tony Blair), will go down in American history (never mind world history) as America’s most idiotic criminal president.

He was the victim of those number-crunching Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan (and now defunct Lehmann Brothersscam-economists that the only pathway to continuous certain economic growth in the United States of America is via the military industry – Bush had whispered as much in the ears of President Néstor Kirchner  of Argentina, as a great scientific secret (according to the Argentinean president himself telling it with a smile to Oliver Stone, the Hollywood film-director of a documentary – South of the Border, 2009, about South American ‘revolutionary’ Presidents messed about by American governments); ergoto put the American economy on non-stop growth-footing, Bush and his criminal gang (Dick Cheney etc.) selected war-footing …  invented the lie of global ‘Terrorism’, coined an artificial label Al Qaida from the CIA left-overs of the Afghani Taliban cut-throats (originally trained to knife Red Army Soviet soldiers), and now re-constituted as murderous ISIS-perverts that successfully tripped up the English-trained ophthalmologist President of Syria Basher Al-Assad, to destroy his own country into rubble, sand and pebble …

Karl Marx (and Engels) were wrong to think that if you get the historical concepts right, the logical conclusion would be the unconquerable Communist society of Justice and humanism.   Social improvement (from Hegel, also wrong, alas) were within the forward march of History – proven erroneous by the 1950’s, when the CIA murdered some, subverted others, the whole Afro-Asian generation of the democratically elected leaders fighting Colonialism for national independence;  Nehru of India, Bandaranaike (a female Prime Minister) of Sri Lanka, the Iranian Dr. MossadaghPatrice Lumumba of Congo, Kwameh Nkrumah in Ghana, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya … the inhuman CIA proved the Marxist idealists wrong many times over, who still unfortunately cannot accept that Marx could be wrong. The filthy American imperialists did succeed in stopping the march of (the Hegelian notion of) history towards a humane society of justice and compassion, they did succeed in messing up Africa by murdering its potential for at least half a century now!

India is relentlessly promoted by the British media as the world’s largest democracy, so what, when 400 million Indians live in abject poverty, mostly homeless, on street-pavements, and without any amenities of sewage or minimal hygiene.  In India’s ‘sacred’ national river Ganges human faeces float with dead bodies, while believers bathe in its poisonously polluted mud-waters.

In our Internet-age of free information, while more and more individuals and nations are coming to hate America, where the fact is never spoken that 50 million Americans now live like the 400 million Indians well under the poverty-line … where the Police officially can kill unarmed black youth for the colour of their skin!  The killers always declared innocent by abominably corrupt American courts, are the white masturbators who still fantasise of milky-white blue-eyed LBGT America.

I myself cannot join the haters of mad America because I married forty years ago the sweetest daughter of multi-millionaire (then) parents, who were so incredibly … stingy, would not even send a flower-pot as a gift when my own Turkish-genocide-survived Armenian parents bought me and my honey-sweet American wife a Victorian 8-bedroom character-house in the vicinity of Mrs. Thatcher’s constituency office!  I remember Japanese company directors would come to Finchley Central in London to live in the first British female Prime Minister’s constituency as a status-symbol.  My wife’s eldest sister hated her miserly multi-millionaire father so much that, long after his untimely death, she turned … Lesbian, and came out as such.

America is a new country, and a pioneer of modernism (and of course post-modernism, Gay and Lesbian liberation, now LGBT gender-liberation, plastic surgery, breast enhancement, and reduction, vaginal tightening, re-shaping, erectile penis extension, Botox Black Brazilian Buttocks acquisition, etc).  Consenting adults should be able to practice in a democracy what they prefer in the private space of their bedrooms, but what is entirely unacceptable is America’s dual contribution to modern economics and culture as the world’s largest polluter of climate (25%) we all need to breathe 24/7, and the linguistic culture we use daily 24/7 too, effing and shi-ing as in glamorous Hollywood.

One of the most disgusting vomit-causing expressions I abhor is the very common Hollywood expression “Holy shit”… Where are all those Bible-belt bashing American Evangelical pastors, who twist and turn and scream like lunatics from pulpits for dollars-collection, yet do not campaign against this foul-language cancerous pollutant?  It is a sufficient condition for me never to want to bring up children in America, or even live there ever! Foul language promoted throughout the United States of America and the world via the American film-industry is a cancer-causing soul-pollution – young people in London on public transport think nothing of shi-ing and effing precisely as in the sick films of Quentin Tarantino who loves violence and gore for its own saketypical of the disturbed American psyche.

The Stupid Self-destruction of the United States of America

This is not Ayatollah Khomeini type wishful thinking – it is happening already; here is what an intelligent American mature woman told the British ITV reporter Robert Moore in his documentary Trump’s America – will it happen?; “Right now in America, we are not on the edge of the abyss, we are over the edge of the abyss, hanging on by our fingernails”!

When I first visited my in-laws in the Highland Park multi-millionaires’ suburb of Chicago, they were shocked that I do not leave half of my food on the plate for the garbage can … keen to teach me the American way of life, the first mantra they wanted me to digest was that “the American economy is based on waste!”  Incredibly, this infantile idiocy was the guiding economic theory of the United States taught in Universities, with PhD Theses written on it forty years ago …

Any wonder as to what became the greatest American contributions to modern culture?  Drugs/Addiction, Prostitution, Gang-culture and Violence, all of which of course existed throughout history, unfortunately, but never in such humongous volcanic production; Few ordinary law-abiding citizens (for example) would know that a rock/pop-concert in the US is an occasion not for listening to music, but drug-consumption controlled by the old-fashioned mafia-barons, still alive and kicking on an unimaginable scale of mountains of cash-dollars!

According to the Republican presidential candidate Mr. Trump, “the single biggest problem is heroin that pours across our Southern borders – New Hampshire, pouring and destroying the youth, poisoning their blood, and plenty of other people, we have to keep the drugs out of our country” (Trump Vs. Clinton Live; PBS TV, the 3rd and final debate in Las Vegas).  Some people are convinced that the war in Afghanistan was President Clinton’s pony-trick of opening a direct route for heroin importation to America, as the cocaine was safely covered from Colombia. American Federal government’s war-on-Drugs is a sham and a scam to deceive their own citizens, not even the world, as the world knows full well the facts through the Internet, and the… bulbous cocaine nose of President Clinton.

According to statistics I recall from 2 decades ago, an American child would see on US television a hundred murders committed daily. Mrs Clinton could hardly bring herself to confess that “Dozens of toddlers injure themselves, even kill people with guns, because unfortunately not everyone [in America] who has lauded guns in their homes takes appropriate precautions … 33,000 lives are lost every year in this way” (PBS TV Debate, mentioned above).

What is even more frightening is the knock-on copy-cat effect of these unforgivable sins in the rest of the world, and Britain in the first place, being of the same linguistic culture.  Gangs and knife-stabbings are now commonplace in South London.  There was shock and horror a month ago when in total replication of American urban horrors, “Parents turn up to watch a pitched battle between three schools – and hand out weapons” (headline news in Daily Mail, Special Report by Barbara Davies, September 24, 2016, p. 41); “Witnesses told of armed boys being cheered on by foul-mouthed girls filming the violence on their phones. …. Most disturbing, however, was the handful of parents said to have turned up to enjoy the spectacle  … giving out hammers and bats. … These kids were feral, completely wild. Who is raising them to be like this? … It’s very-very frightening.  If it can happen here, it could happen anywhere”.  All this, in a Borough of Greater London, called Bexley, “recently named the second safest of London’s 32 Boroughs in terms of recorded crime. …. Drug-dealing in the evening and at night [on Bexleyheath, is the cause].  The problem seems to be getting worse” converting Britain into a mini-America!

It shall not be the Chinese rockets that will destroy America, but this modern form of the Sodom-and-Gomorrah cancer, which is much misunderstood in theology as a parable exclusively of homosexuality.  It is the total corruption of the human ontology (of Being and Becoming) that is the horrifying matter in question – In fact, the biblical text makes abundantly clear that even the children of the town (and this point has never been picked up on by scholars) were in the mob demanding homosexual intercourse with God’s handsome angels protected in Lot’s House.

A hugely significant another point (again, not given enough theological weight) is the textual given that the town of Sodom had become economically rich, the citizens had accumulated wealth and become simultaneously totally egocentric, uncaring and ruthless, in a word, inhuman.

A great New York Sculptor, who addresses me as his ‘black’ brother (knows I am married to a British Afro-Caribbean, and never forgets to send his abundant love to both of us) wrote to me in a private communication dated 5th & 11th Oct;

“Nearby we have [an Ivy League] university, where 40% of the students are homosexual – they will be running the country soon with Clinton as their freedom flag bearer… I don’t dare leave my property, in fear of getting my blood boiling over two Capitalist whores running for president.

“One of my young friends was an undergraduate student a few years ago, and when I mentioned the overwhelming homosexuality and lesbianism, he was not surprised, in fact when one hears such shit and expresses surprise, you’re instantly accused of being anti-gay, as it is fashionable to condone homosexuality for being hip and free.

“When I asked another kid about all this blow-jobs they are getting from female students, he said, they even run formal competitions as to how many girls left their lipstick on their penises in one single day as a sergeant major’s stripes… {They must think the German philosopher Kant, is a cunt! – HIP)

“Sometimes, when I hear the nonchalance with which these university undergraduates speak of their sexual behaviours, my surprise vanishes that we have an ass… running for president, who proudly talks of grabbing women’s genitals-in-the-crotches!

“At last Americans have reached their biblical dreamtime – Sodom and Gomorrah!”

A very recent American TV series (Secrets and Lies, 2014) contains the following very powerful and shocking ‘factual’ information defining the American complex, even though the characters of the film are fictional, but well-acted enough to exude the power of a documentary – a female chief detective investigating homicides tells the child-killer suspect some frightening American home-truths, as if the United States of America was ruled by an elite-gang of genocidal paedophiles;

“It’s a terrible job this.  I’ve seen some horrific things – children’s cases are the worst; smothered children, burnt, children thrown from bridges, beaten, because they look like their mum, or bruised so that their daddy can’t have them, or killed just for being around when the world got bad for someone.  Usually it’s easy to discover who did it and why – a history of depression, addiction, abuse” – the great contributions to the modern world of America’s illiterate mafia-culture.

A Conspiracy of Gay Silence

One of the great stupidities of official America was their rabid Red-under-the-carpet anti-Communist obsession, because of a single lunatic Senator (of Wisconsin, 1954) called Joseph McCarthy, who simultaneously, precisely like the Nazis, seems to have engineered an anti-homosexual witch-hunt, using precisely the same argument as against the Communists, that they had infested the American Government institutions with their incurable dangerous disease, branded them just like the Communists “un-American” – god knows why – “corrupting the American government from within” – The CBS of  the time reported; “This much is certain – male homosexuals in America number in the millions, and their number is growing”.

It is very unfair of the Gay Liberationists to have brushed this Hitlerite McCarthyism under the carpet, exposed only recently in an excellent TV-series by the National GeographicOriginal Sin; Sex (series 1, episode 3, Government in the Bedroom).  In 1953, President Dwight Eisenhower, famous for his permanently frozen smile produced as a marketing tip, issued immediately on being sworn in, an Executive Order number 10450, “which barred homosexuals from Federal employment” (Whitney Strab, author, Perversion for Profit). Homosexuals were regarded unambiguously as sexual perverts.  Eric Berkowitz, Attorney, author, labels this aspect of McCarthy idiocy as “the Lavender Scare”, “right alongside the Red-scare  … Government employees were encouraged to snitch on one another.  There were many examples of notes going to investigators saying this particular woman has a mannish walk, this man seems to be interested in … opera”

– Hilarious, if not so dumb-ass American fat-ass Senator-stupid, with tragic consequences of … Stalinist deletion of one’s professional bread-line identity.  Only an American military commander and/or a Nazi SS could believe that loving opera was evidence of homosexuality.

As late as 1965, I remember Dean Rusk, US Secretary of State during the Johnson Administration, declaring in a Congressional Hearing that “We do not employ homosexuals knowingly.  And if we discover homosexuals in our department, we discharge them”.

Half a century later, in June 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized Gay Marriage, though even some ardent homosexuals (like the admirably reasonable English poly-campaigner, gay Mr. Peter Tatchell) were against such an act of unnecessary linguistic rape – committed by the joint prime-ministers of Britain, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – to the very concept of the word “marriage”, defined semantically and semiotically as the heterosexual union of natural-born men and women.  Civil Partnership in Britain had already been made a legal term sanctioning all Gay Marriage – hence a further aggression on the Christian theological dogma of heterosexual marriage was entirely unnecessary, and merely spiteful.

Yet the New York homosexual lobby, hitherto silent about the McCarthy rape of the gays, was happy, unjustly, unfairly and unforgivably instantly to lumber the African … monkeys (and by backward extension the African male) with initiating the AIDS virus.  Thitherto the Africans had resisted all attempts by the Western anthropologists and sociologists to homosexualize them, in despair to ‘naturalize’ homosexual practices.  And they had succeeded mostly in the Caribbean Islands with the Jamaicans, who had centuries-old admixture with white genes… but the African male would not ‘fall’ in the biblical meaning of the term, even after servicing the wealthy New York male bankers as prostitutes.  Gay scientists soon grasped the ridiculousness of the charges against the African monkeys, and thank god the despicable hypothesis that AIDS started with them is today laughed out of court … in 1982, the National Centre for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia had diagnosed that the life-style of some male homosexuals (finger-licking the anal residue in particular in the YMCA bathhouses of New York and San Francisco) had triggered an epidemic of a rare form of cancer.  According to John D’Emilio, author, “AIDS brought more gay people out of the closet than gay liberation was ever able to do” (in the above-mentioned  National Geographic TV sex-series).

And now suddenly Donald Trump appears, grabbing the pubic parts of the women he likes, obviously with full consent from the women (how else? No man or woman can assault in peacetime without rape a woman’s mons veneris in her pants without her consent)… Mrs Clinton, with a husband who inserted a cigar in Miss Lewinsky’s vagina (with consent) should have heeded the British folk-wisdom; do not throw stones if you live in a glass house!  The Utah-State holier-than-thou Mormons are put off by the Trump antics, forgetful of their own polygamy and the incestuous relations that can produce.  At least Mr Trump is a normal heterosexual male.

America will be destroyed not because of its democracy (which is the best aspect of it), NO, but because of its hopeless addiction to drugs and dollars, both satanic stupidities …  As much was predicted by early 20th century Marxists, though for the wrong reasons (the collapse of Capitalism as an economic system).  Little could they guess that Capitalism would, like everything else, undergo evolution, and quantitative easing (a Socialist monetary act) today would keep the bankrupt bank-robbery in mafia-business, allowing what is basically a socialist means, to save Capitalist exploitation kicking – the Capitalist state prints money to feed the Bankers and their whackers, not the poor masses!

At the height of the British imperialism when Britain dominated and robbed half of the known world, the wealth of which was pouring into Britain, where was it all disappearing? You had Victorian misery for the masses, unimaginable poverty, officially sanctioned paedophile child-prostitution, the vast majority of citizens living in mud and sewage-filth (see Victorian Slum, a haunting  BBC TV documentary series) worse than in India today, shocking even Queen Vitoria’s husband, the German Prince Albert, and where was all India’s wealth disappearing into the Victorian Britain?

The landed Aristocracy of course… while the British masses were living like sewage-rats in raw-sewage flowing through streets, not different from the Elizabethan England 300 years earlier.

When I was fifteen, I would not wear what my Armenian parents called ‘cowboy trousers’, made specifically with homoerotic Elvis Presley emphasis on the crotch, but I did know that the great Russian writer Maxim Gorky had visited America and published his memoirs In America – I was therefore over the moon when I recently located a copy of an English translation from Russian (at Amazon Booksellers) published in Moscow in 1949 – and what a cutting satire (ranking with Gogol’s Dead Souls) on Life in America, the first chapter about New York titled The City of the Yellow Devil, by which Gorky meant “Gold” (p. 13) as ‘money-dollars’ the wealthy Americans amass obsessively … it reminded me of my late multi-millionaire father-in-law, whose greatest (nay, only) joy in life was checking his monthly bank-statements to find out how many dollars he had stockpiled.

In one of the most hilarious black-humoured chapters titled One of the Kings of the Republic, Maxim Gorky interviews a millionaire, setting the scene with a brief introduction;

The Kings of steel and oil, and all other kings of the United States have always troubled my imagination.  I could not imagine that people with so much money could be like ordinary mortals.

It seemed to me that every one of them must have at least three stomachs and about a hundred and fifty teeth.  I was convinced that a millionaire ate all day long, without pause, from six o’clock in the morning until midnight, that he consumed the most expensive foods; geese, turkeys, suckling pigs, radishes with butter, puddings, cakes and all sorts of other delicacies.  {Remember that the Russians were being starved in those days – Prof HIP}  By evening his jaws grew so stiff that he ordered his Negroes to chew the food for him and he merely gulped it down.  Finally, when he was utterly exhausted, gasping and dripping with sweat, they carried him off to bed.   And the next morning he woke at six o’clock to resume the arduous routine.  But even with this strenuous effort, he did not consume even fifty per cent of the interest on his capital.” (p. 73 – I am hoping that an enlightened London publisher like Mr Gallienzi specializing in Russian literature brings out a new translation/edition of Gorky’s Gogolean satire on the likes of the post-modern J.P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs et al. Bankers’ Capitalist greed – the great cause of war(s).

A well-known war-loving historian Tony Rennel (much loved by the Daily Mail) has just aggressed the well-known English journalist Jeremy Paxman for denouncing his war-time father’s cold-blooded Englishness – in a massive review of Paxman’s memoirs (in the Daily Mail, October 1, 2016, pp 56-8, headlined in a huge type-face, Stop blaming your dad, Paxo; in his new book, the TV Rottweiler says he’s still scarred by his father’s cruelty.  But here, Tony Rennell (a contemporary of Paxman’s) says their dads’ wartime generation can’t be judged by modern, touchy feely standards);

“What seems to hurt most, though, is the memory of his [Paxman’s] father introducing him to his friends at the golf club as ‘one of those homosexual communists from the BBC’.  At one level this strikes me as little than a bit of G&T bar banter.”

No, it isn’t – the war-enamoured Mr Rennell does not seem to have even heard of the ‘Lavender set’ McCarthy witch-hunt to cleanse the American government of its homosexual ‘un-American’ activists lumbered with the Communists, obviously stretched and inserted into Churchill’s British Establishment, that considers even today the BBC to be a left-wing den of buggery! Mr. Rennell in his illiterate ignorance then proceeds to make inappropriate and an uncalled for ‘unscholarly’ comment on Mr Paxman’s own sexual orientation; “and there’s some ogre’s voice deep down in Paxman (How can Mr Rennell presume to have heard it? – Prof HIP) that ever since has been torturing him that perhaps his father was right”– in other words, Mr Rennell accuses Mr Paxman with being both homosexual and a communist, exactly as McCarthy in America (and Churchill in London) would want them to have in the BBC… Perhaps Mr Rennell also thinks that the most disgusting paedophile Jimmy Saville of the BBC was also a Communist.

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