110 school students learn to use digital services with support from Beeline

Posted on October. 26. 2019

The joint program of Beeline Armenia and the Children’s Development Fund “Digital Opportunities” has concluded the learning phase.

110 students from 10 schools of 4 marzes took part in 4-step course.

During the course, the children learned to choose and apply various digitization means to digitize materials and productively use ICT for obtaining, saving and organizing data. In addition, the students learned the sectors where information and communication technologies are used, as well as their advantages, and now they can create content on their own.

“Digital technologies are the future of the world, so relevant skills create endless opportunities for children, because the availability of smartphones and the internet is essentially a powerful tool for learning, working and living. We are happy to see that this program gives important and relevant knowledge to the children,” said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.

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