Is Jerusalem Apostolic Patriarchate’s Governing Board Working Against the Armenian Church; Is it a Sect?

Posted on May. 10. 2023


(May 7, Yerevan, Armenia) — Yesterday, on May 6, in a message released, the Press Department (Diwan) of the Apostolic See of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem announced that the Governing Board had declared the Reverend Baret Yeretsian, a member of the Saints Jacobean Congregation, to be out of order and expelled him from the ranks of the Order. This judgment is based on “the unfaithful process shown towards the Patriarchate’s rules and regulations, and especially the frauds and deceptions he committed regarding the “Goveroun Bardez” (“Cows Garden”) property agreement.” It should be noted that the diaspora Armenian press, especially the Keghart web- site, wrote about these machinations, but… there was no one to listen until it was too late and the matter reached a point of no return. Patriarch Nourhan is also an accomplice, because at that time he did not listen to the press releases warning against Baret’s machinations. According to the “logic” of some sick-brained Armenians — lackeys of Karekin II, the usurper of the Holy Seat of Catholicos of All Armenians, with this order, the members of the Apostolic See of Jerusalem have come out against the Armenian Church? We have written and spoken many times about similar and more serious violations of the throne of the Mother See. It’s time for the Catholicosate of the Mother See too to come out of its CRIMI- NAL SILENCE, which continues to be an accomplice to many abuses of power by Karekin II. Apart from the “brave and shameless” servant of God and the Armenians, Father Koryun Arakelyan, will there be other clergy of the Mother See and our other Apostolic Sees, who can muster courage to come out against thief of the Holy Lance Karekin II and publicly demand his resignation from the throne of the Illuminator? Or will they continue to be silent until our sanctity, the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, is finally discredited and destroyed?

One response to “Is Jerusalem Apostolic Patriarchate’s Governing Board Working Against the Armenian Church; Is it a Sect?”

  1. S. Dermelkonian says:

    Pashinian is selling Armenia bit by bit with
    neither parliamentary nor popular approval.
    Archbishop Manougian selling interest and
    territories in Jerusalem that have been in
    Armenian control for more than 1700 years,
    approved by Mohamed and Omar by writing.
    Karekin II receiving Russian Order,making the Church weaker within Armenia,now staying
    SILANTG with land lease in Jerusalem. Most
    importantly on the NEMESIS monument there is
    vacant places…Perhaps New Nemesis
    monument will be erected for Church & Country
    ILLEGALLY GRANTED, LAND Sellers, Signatory or
    ACCESSORY individuals.

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