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Below is the text of the TV program of USA ARMENIAN LIFE TV 04 05, 2024. 

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APPO JABARIAN — Good evening, dear viewers. My name is Appo Jabarian. My interlocutor today is the well-known public speaker and investigative journalist, Mr. Vosgan Mekhitarian. 

Today, April 5, is an important turning point in the year 2024. It is the beginning of a new historical period for the Republic of Armenia, the Armenian statehood and the entire Armenian nation – the Homeland and Diaspora Armenians. 

Armenia’s independence in 1991 should be considered incomplete for many reasons. The independence was unfortunately a deceptive independence. In reality, the Republic of Armenia and, in turn, the Republic of Artsakh during the period of liberation, unfortunately did not have real independence, let alone sovereignty, real defense and a healthy functioning system of national security. 

Now, since the 44-Day War of 2020, when for the first time your humble servant has spoken out among other commentators, that the time has come for Armenia to diversify its foreign military as well as its foreign economic alliances. And it must be said that in this direction, Armenians in the Homeland and in the Diaspora have really done a good job in the last 3 years and we should only congratulate the brave stance of our people, especially for the brave stance of the Homeland people when they confronted provocations by the 5th column and the conspiracies carried out and carried out at the hands of Putin’s Russia and its proxies in Armenia and Diaspora. 

Our people remained unshakable in their will, and even showed the whole world that the Armenian Nation reserves the birthright to support the Sovereignty, Independence and Defense of the Armenian state. In these days of occupation of Artsakh, without forgetting the case of Artsakh, we are focusing our attention on the right of the Republic of Armenia to join the European Union thus diversifying her foreign relations. 

Of course, the Armenian people do not have any hatreds towards all the peoples of the region, including Russia, Persia and other peoples, but on the regional and international level, including the superpowers, intermediate and small states can respect Armenia’s national interests if the Armenian people themselves respect and protect Armenia’s national interests. 

Recently Prime Minister Pashinyan stated that there is only one government in Armenia, and it is the government of Armenia, the Armenian government. The statement was designed to counter the Karabakh clan’s insistence on forming a so-called “Artsakh Government In-Exile” within Armenia. Why Armenia? In order to use it as cover to undermine the proper authorities and use the “Artsakh Government In-Exile” as cover for a pro-Russian coup d’état? 

PM’s statement caused quite a positive feeling among many people who are vehemently opposed to foreign-backed forces hijacking the power in Armenia. One of those forces is the fifth column sponsored by the Russian Federation, which includes the members of the old dictatorial and kleptocratic regime led mainly by the second and third presidents Robert Kocharyan, and Serzh Sargsyan along with Catholicos of all Armenians Karekin II, who are all known agents of the Soviet Russian KGB now Russian FSB. For many, today’s Russian Federation is the continuation of the Soviet Union. 

As the commentators of this TV program proposed on several occasions, along with the process of Armenia becoming a part of the European Union, it is necessary to hold a referendum to replace today’s fake opposition in the Armenian Parliament. This fake opposition is constantly destabilizing Armenia’s internal political field within the National Assembly of Armenia. In order to be removed from office, it is becoming increasingly important to conduct special parliamentary elections so that the citizens of Armenia can exercise their right to reshape the National Assembly. They have the right to bring in quality and loyal political forces. 

In this regard, Tigran Khzmalyan, the head of the European Party of Armenia stated recently his party’s position. 

TIGRAN KHZMALYAN: The logical result of this process (integration with EU) should be special parliamentary elections in Armenia. Because entering Europe with such a parliament – in our deep conviction – is unacceptable, illogical and absurd. 

APPO JABARIAN – As for the tense domestic situation and the dangers facing Armenia, Mr. Suren Sargsyan, the host of the “Meronk” TV program, made very interesting hy potheses about the dangers. Let’s listen to him without weakening our resolve, but simply confront the reality in a vigilant and brave way. Our goal is not to cause discomfort. Our goal is to equip ourselves mentally and psychologically to overcome the problems we face, with a united spirit and indomitable stance. 

Let’s listen to Mr. Sargsyan. 

SUREN SARGSYAN — What can the Russians do? 

Hypothesis number one: let’s say Russia ignites a revolution in the villages. Just as, remember, Soviet rule was declared in Ijevan, under Kasyan’s leadership, the Red Army entered from that side. Then, they started harassing the government and the people of Armenia, the hungry people. That’s one thing they can do. 

Hypothesis number two: Close the airspace for Armenian businessmen, so to speak, both here (in Armenia) and there (Russia). Simultaneously order or pressure the people in Armenia to acquiesce to a new government insisting “speed up, change Pashinyan, or else you will suffer…” 

Hypothesis number three: Russia brings someone as a new “emissary” — I won’t give the name now, he is coming, you will see for yourself. That he will come here to take part in the elections and win. 

Hypothesis number four: there are layers among others that lie in wait with their hands on their weapons and await orders. Remember that no one has yet arrested these scumbags like Oganovsky and the crowd he brought (to Armenia from Artsakh), who slaughtered (innocent protesters) in the streets of Yerevan on March 1, 2008. Remember they are sitting somewhere waiting for the order to shoot (the current authorities). I say this without fearing the dangers that the Russians are capable of. 

And finally, the last Hypothesis: If all this does not work, then they will resort to October 27, 1999-style assassination to shoot PM Nikol Pashinyan, other government officials, or all those who can lead [Armenia]. This is the primitive Russian plan. 

Another layer of Russian agents, whom we don’t see, can surface at the last moment, let’s say, starting from within the circle of Nikol’s relatives. They can strike from behind. 

All this has been created by the Russian intelligence network in our country over the years. This is the real danger, the real danger that can come from the Kremlin. Why? Because the Kremlin now sees that Armenia is trying to straighten its back, is trying to protect its security, and is trying to fix relations with the world. That is like death for the Kremlin. We must realize that we don’t have a real friend in the CSTO. We don’t have a friend in the Kremlin. We have to rely on ourselves, and I hope that everyone, starting from the National Security Service (NSS) to the government, understands what I am saying. Why am I saying this, am I, so to speak, a supporter of Nikol Pashinyan? No: I am for the Motherland. 

VOSGAN MEKHITARIAN: Mr. Jabarian, we often talk about peace. They don’t give us peace. We will have peace when the Motherland has a defense system. And next to that defense system, it also has a strong economic system. Then only Armenia will be able to keep its head and forehead high, with all those states that she is trying to work with. 

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