Posted on June. 7. 2024

The Democratic Society of Armenia expresses its indignation at joint political provocations and sabotage that dictatorial regimes of Russia and Azerbaijan undertake against the states of the free world. In recent weeks we see traces of these poignant activities in Europe, Africa, Latin America, and now also in the Pacific Islands. 

We believe this global onslaught of tyranny around the world is caused and encouraged by the impunity for crimes in Ukraine, Georgia and Nagorno-Karabakh, where hundreds of thousands of people were subjected to military aggression, massacres and forced evictions based on ethnicity. 

Lies, hypocrisy and slander always accompany fascism and genocide; or rather, they precede them, preparing the ground for the murders, and then follow them, trying to cover up the traces of the crimes. 

Armenia was the first victim of state genocide persecuted by Ottoman Turkey in the 20th century. Armenians were also the first in the 21st century to become targets of Patriacid – a Russian-Azerbaijani operation to forcibly evict Armenians from their historical homeland in Nagorno- Karabakh. Having tried this method in 2020-23 against the Karabakh Armenians, Russia began to use it against Ukraine in 2022-24, and according to the latest data, it decided to conduct its sabotage operations against the West around the world. 

It is quite natural that Azerbaijan was the first to join Russian global provocations. Just as the day before the attack on Ukraine, on February 22, 2022, Putin received the Baku tyrant Aliyev in the Kremlin, agreeing on joint operations against Armenia, the Russian-Azerbaijani alliance is now working against France in Africa and New Caledonia. 

What unites these two dictators, besides hatred of democracy, freedom and human rights? The fact is that by falsely accusing France of violating the rights of national minorities, Russia and Azerbaijan are trying to hide their own monstrous crimes and genocides. 

If the mass deportations of Chechens and Crimean Tatars, Estonians and Lithuanians, Armenians and Jews in the USSR became known to the whole world, then the assimilation of Kurds, Talysh, Armenians and Lezgins in Azerbaijan is still carefully hidden, including with the help of corruption and “caviar diplomacy” of Baku in Europe, scandalous examples of which regularly appear in the media. 

However, even against this gloomy background, the unprecedented tragedy of the 21st century was the nine-month blockade and the subsequent deportation of the entire Armenian population of Nagorno-Karabakh in 2023, which can only be called Patriacide – the deprivation of the people of their historical homeland. 

There is no doubt that if the alliance between the dictators of Russia and Azerbaijan is not stopped and punished now, then sabotage and provocations will spread throughout the world, reaching the United States and Europe, Africa, China, India and Australia. The November 17, 2023 decision of the UN Hague International Court on the right of Karabakh Armenians to free and safe return has not yet been implemented. 

However, events in Africa and New Caledonia prove that the world community must develop and apply mechanisms not only to punish, but also to prevent political sabotage and international provocations anywhere on the planet. As the first people to suffer Genocide and Patriacide in the 20th and 21st centuries, Armenians bear a special responsibility to alarm and prevent such tragedies anywhere in the world. 

We express our solidarity to the peoples and governments of democratic France, fighting Ukraine, protesting Georgia, recovering Kosovo – all people fighting for freedom and human rights and nations, for democracy and independence. 

Yerevan, 2024 May 23 

TIGRAN KHZMALYAN, President, European Party of Armenia. 

ARAM SARGSYAN, Chairman of the “Republic” party. 

HOVSEP KHURSHUDIAN, Chairman of “Free Citizen” NGO 


“Armenian Movement” NGO of France 

APPO JABARIAN, Managing Editor USA Armenian Life Magazine 

HARUT KALAYJIAN, President of Pro Armenia NGO 

EDUARD AYVAZYAN, Media Analytical Center, Georgia 

ANNA KIRAKOSIAN, Silk Road Armenia, director 

RAZMIK RUSHANIAN, President for the protection of rights 

of freedom fighters and demobilized servicemen, NGO 

GAYANE ARSTAMYAN, LARISA ARAKELYAN, Members of the Board of Trustees of the “Armenian Highlands” Foundation 

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