As Teacher at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School Hovhannes Gumruyan Stands Accused of Wrongdoings

Posted on May. 18. 2019


Is Hovannes Gumruyan qualified to be a teacher at any school and even more so at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School? Or is he simply hired because of HIS close association with Arch. Hovnan Derderian, Attorney Joseph Kanimian and Pastor Manouk Markaryan?
For several months many parents of students at AGBU MDS have been reaching out to the editorial offices of USA Armenian Life Magazine in total privacy presenting their concerns about the way Mr. Gumruyan has been conducting himself at AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School. Even though several parents have confided that they’re concerned about the potential abuse of their children, at this time I would like to postpone publication of certain information on this topic pending further investigation.
Recently a reliable source from among parents, has disclosed that on a mid-afternoon of a school day in February 2019, he physically hit his 3-yr. old son in the parking lot of AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School.
Another parent stated: “Children look up to their father as a role model. But in the case of Mr. Gumruyan I don’t know how he could serve as a role model when he is abusing his own child. And what kind of role model can he be as a teacher? Is he similarly abusive toward his students?”
Another parent expressed concern that “if he is mistreating his own child how reliable he is in treating fairly other people’s children namely high school students at AGBU MDS and younger children at Western Diocese’s “Little Angeles” Saturday School in Burbank?”
For the record Mr. Gumruyan has been appointed by Arch. Derderian as the Committee Chair of Western Diocese “Little Angels” Saturday School.
Reliable sources attest that Mr. Gumruyan has been regularly boasting that he is “untouchable” and has strong ties with and backing of some powerful forces at Western Diocese. Is his backing coming from Arch. Derderian, Joseph Kanimian, Sinan Sinanian and Pastor Manouk Markaryan? If yes, do Arch. Derderian and Mr. Sinanian approve of Mr. Gumruyan’s terrorization of the entire AGBU MDS’s administration, faculty and students and parents?
Other parents have expressed misgivings about Mr. Gumruyan’s presence as a teacher at AGBU MDS because of his bullying character where he has reportedly relied on Arch Derderian and Mr. Sinanian to intimidate the school’s administration, faculty, students and parents.
It is a common knowledge among many individuals at AGBU MDS that “nobody can oppose or criticize Mr. Gumruyan because he has the strongest connections” And he is perceived as being “Untouchable,” and it is because of this reason that many parents are hesitant to register or re-register their children for the next school year in Fall 2019.
Recently Mr. Gumruyan has also been actively involved in spreading disinformation about Mr. Petros Taglyan, a major benefactor who has secured a $15 million bank loan for the construction of Taglyan Complex, a major cultural and entertainment events center which is now recognized as #1 event venue in Southern California and #5 in USA. This notable success has been achieved as a direct result of hard work by Mr. Taglyan and his entire family. Mr. Taglyan a highly successful Doctor of Pharmacy had never intended to get involved in catering business management.
Instead of being grateful to Mr. Taglyan for 4-decades of devotion to his heritage and all his efforts in favor of churches, schools and other community organizations, Arch. Derderian, Pastor Manouk Markaryan and their underlings like Mr. Gumruyan, have embarked on a disinformation campaign against Mr. Taglyan with packs of lies, forged documents and a litany of misrepresentations.
Apparently Mr. Gumruyan owes a lot of favors to Arch. Derderian and Pastor Markaryan and that’s the reason he may be going out of his way to outdo his bosses in spreading lies about Mr. Taglyan.
This raises an important question: Can a liar be a teacher? How can Mr. Gumruyan be a model teacher at a school when in real life he spreads lies and willfully defames honorable people’s character?
Is he really educated enough, qualified and accredited to be a teacher in USA or he has simply been placed at AGBU MDS by Arch. Derderian’s best friend and ally Sinan Sinanian, a board member of AGBU? Does this sound like another case of nepotism at Western Diocese and AGBU?

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